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andrew sunday

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of LSA2010

Criminological theorys
by: Andrew Sunday free will theory social bonding theory classical theory somatotype theory marchese de beccaria-leading theorist of the classical school of criminology. this man belived that people make decisions of there own free will. and that crime occures when the benifets outweigh the cost. According to beccaria, Societies are formed by people according to similarities that seem acceptable to them. Each person is said to be in control of his or her fate.Within this view crime is seen as a product of free choice. The individual weighs the potential benefits against the potential costs of committing the crime.when a person commits a crime(regardless of the cost) that person will still knowingly commit the crime because that person recives the benifites there and then even when knowing that the percentage of being caught is fairly high. the free will theory is said to effect everyone. everyone has there own free will and will commit or not commit a crime under there own terms and conditions.a single person decides weather or not they want to choose to do something. depending on that person and the givin stiuation that person then has to choose what he/she wants to do. the choise is then decided by that person depending on his/her givin situation/history. we all have our own free will and we are all beings of choise what we do is because we choose to do what we do and because we have that choise. the social bonding theory or "control theory" was develop by travis hirschi witch he sates that "Elements of social bonding include attachment to families, commitment to social norms and institutions (school, employment), involvement in activities, and the belief that these things are important” that was a statement written by travis hirschi himself. those kinds of ties are absent amoung some juvinille delinquintes. witch is could be why some kids act out and turn out to be criminals. look at it this way. if a kid is lacking a good home or has parental issues that kid is going to be more likly to act out in school and around others because he isnt getting enough care for at home. studys show that kids who are involved more with school activities act out less in class and off school campus. this theory was developed by william herbert sheldon. it was brought up around the 1940's, sheldon said that a persons body type(somatotype)associated with that persons personality characterisitcs. he had claimed that there are three diffrent kinds of somatotypes.endomorphic mesomorphic and ectomorphic.these are traits and characteristics of all three endomorphic mesomorphic hard muscular body
rectangle shape
thick skin
overly mature apperance
upright posture soft body
underdeveloped muscles
round shape
overdeveloped digestive system ectomorphic thin
flast chest
delocate build
young apperance
lightly muscled
stoop shoulder
large brain Now just because sheldon had said that these are traits of those body types doesnt mean all will follow each trait exactly. as it says for endomorphics that they have an overdeveloped deigestive system doesnt mean all endomorphs do. he was simply describing what most of these people who have these body traits are like, it just basicly going off commmon scence. you know that most "jocks" at our highschool are the "alpha males" because you see there cocky attitudes and there shape,size and build. sheldon was just trying to explain these three catigories in his perspective and how others see people and how we base judgment on them. I think it is the reason why most criminals become criminals. it starts with the parents and the enviroment there in. if a kid is living in a bad neighborhood with parents who dont care for the kid at all. that kid has the highest rate of turing out to be criminal. not sayin all kids who are raised that way turn out to be criminals,but most do.now if that kid had a loving familiy and wwas involved in some kind of activity that kid would be much more less likly to be involved with any crime three diffrent somatotypes lol
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