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Storytelling Arc

Use with short story unit

Laura Randazzo

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of Storytelling Arc

Storytelling Arc
Take notes as we go on the blank handout you were just given.
Protagonist's ordinary life
Something changes in our protagonist's life, setting the story in motion
Romance? The boy spots the girl.
Adventure? The pirate finds a treasure map.
Drama? The daughter is kidnapped.
Could be a good thing or a bad thing. But it's definitely something other than the ordinary life.
All of the steps/adventures that the protagonist faces on his/her journey to the story's climax.
Each step leads to the next one...
and teaches the protagonist...
something important he/she
will need to know...
to finally reach the story's
climactic moment.
The moment we've been waiting for!
The conflict must be faced and, hopefully, the protagonist will triumph.
Romance? The boy kisses the girl in the rain.
Adventure? The pirate finds the gold.
Drama? The kidnapped daughter is rescued.
Loose ends are tied up.
Supporting characters and side issues are resolved.
Life for the protagonist finds a new normal and continues on altered path.
Notice that the life line is at a higher level than when the story started. This reflects growth/change in the protagonist. It's likely that our protagonist is now wiser or in a better position than he/she was at the beginning of the tale.
the author will give us a bit of the "after" story. This bit of extra information is also sometimes called an "epilogue."
Always in the rain!
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