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Online Marketing

No description

Ashley Conner

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Online Marketing

Online Marketing Ashley Conner & Jennifer Eun Involves using any of the many combinations of online marketing techniques to promote and market your product or service (iwebdevelop.com) Definition Managerial Implications Key Considerations to Develop Strategies Major Players Criticisms/ Ethical Issues Case Studies Application Ideas Also known as e-marketing, digital marketing, and web marketing It is a broad field because it also refers to marketing done through email and wireless media (Dictionary of Marketing & Advertising by Michael J. Baker) Simply put, it is a promotional activity on the internet (Online Marketing Inside Out by Brandon Eley & Shayne Eley) Empowering the Marketers' Capability Search engines help Globalization
Real time bidding helps companies narrow their targeted customer's
Showcases an organization's talents in innovative ways, which attracts visitors to your website
Enables companies to know the effectiveness of their ads
Assist buyers by exposing them to several options that they might have never come across with promotions Increasing Sales/Building Brand Power Changing/Affecting and Integrating with Traditional Marketing Activities Industries benefited by Online Marketing Limitations, Weaknesses and Challenges Overcoming Negative Factors Major Players Cont. Size and Growth of
Related Industries Major Firms Cost to Apply Who,Where, How to Contact Finding More Information Existing (or Potential) Concerns Regulations 1. Fitness First Goals:
To improve search engine performance for Fitness First's website
Gave E-Web access to their company site
Reported back on their site, specifying what they could improve and what they were doing wrong
lowest cost acquisition for qualified leads
get value for money
lead generation
increased web traffic
growth in related sales Online reviews posted on a company's website by its employees
Internet marketing models use digital technology to create software
Controlling quality
Industry - specific limitations
Country - specific labor laws
Violation of Privacy Facebook, Yahoo!, Google, Microsoft, AOL
track the number of "clicks" to determine effectiveness of campaign (and make changes accordingly)
Benefits for Advertisers:
enhanced consumer targeting capabilities
cost-effective reach frequency
elimination of wasted impressions and ad dollars
Benefits for Consumers:
increased control
increased spending efficiencies
better results delivered for clients Search Engine
Real-Time Bidding & Ad Exchange
Web Analytics & Behavioral Targeting
Banner Advertising Small companies can help expose their name and brand to a larger population through search engines especially when they are highly ranked.
Being able to target potential customers that fit a company's area of expertise by knowing their behavior online has never been easier with real time bidding
Demographic targeting - allows companies to choose particular groups of people based on a number of criteria Traditional marketing - Billboards, magazines, newspapers, commercials; involved the 4Ps
Online Marketing--> 5th P (Person)
Database Systems - Customer Information
Choose the right platform
Organize your team
Destroy those silos
Measure more than sales
Compare and contrast Lack of computer expertise
Difficulty developing relationships
Privacy and security concerns
Issues with copyrights
Limitations of business types Hiring employees with expertise in working with computers
Require a computer science or applications class who intend to enter the online marketing field
Assessment for potential employees
Utilizing face-to-face communications (i.e. Skype)
More government regulations pertaining to privacy options and enabling cookies
Require a patent/copyright/etc. before establishing a business online
Virtual tours, generous return policies http://www.godaddy.com/

http://www.networksolutions.com/ 1. synching online mobile activity with online activity from computers and incorporate real-time bidding to target the appropriate consumers
2. Tracking a customer through their IP address The number of search engines that exist is undetermined but is continuously growing
First well known search engine created was Altavista in 1995 The cost for real time bidding varies. RTB actions are closed actions (sealed bid). There is only one round and the person with the highest bid wins but only has to pay the amout of the next highest bidder.
Search engine generates revenue by selling ads that are priced on a cost-per-click basis, which means that the advertiser has to pay each time a user clicks on their advertisement. 2. DoubleClick Ad Exchange for Buyers Goals:
Get results with pay-for-conversion business model
Increase revenues for clients (risk-free)
Scale up to successfully serve thousands of clients
Integrate DoubleClick Ad Exchange's RTB Application Programming Interface with the TellApart Data Platform
Combine customer insights with optimal bidding
Use real-time bidding for all campaigns
More clicks and higher click-through rates
3%-8% total revenue lift for e-commerce clients
Regularly one of top five real-time bidders on Ad Exchange Sources: http://business.ftc.gov/documents/bus28-advertising-and-marketing-internet-rules-road
http://smallbusiness.chron.com/problems-doing-business-internet-328.html (limitations, weaknesses and challenges) http://www.ewebmarketing.com.au/ https://www.google.com/intl/en/ads/ Black hat marketing
Based on shady tactics and spam
Results as fast as possible
Use tactics such as: cloaking and hidden links Google, Yahoo, and MSN dominate the search engine market
Google AdWords
Goes from most general (campaigns) to specific Ad Groups to key words or phrases
Company can create up to 25 capaigns per account each with 100 different ad groups
Google AdWords rates your ads effectiveness (quality score)- impacts the price you pay for each click
The more targeted a company's phrases are the better their quality score is Black/White Hat Marketing White hat marketing
Based on common sense and fair play
Creating quality content
Building legitimate links
Developing a solid keyword strategy
Building page rank over time
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