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Kenzie Hunt

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Daycare

Beginnning Social Skills at a Young Age
Social Aspects
What to Bring
How Much to Bring
Many parents have said that the night before, if you know that they're going to daycare, pack their bags with extra food, clothes, and dippers. some parents say they pack the car at night so that they have more time in the morning to interact with their child more. Always take a crib to the daycare they may not provide them and a crib toy.
If you plan on taking your child to a daycare consider all these things, but you must remember to interact with your child also. Daycare can take away stress if you deal with the situation in the right way.
Parent's Opinions
Amy, a parent of two new children, decided to put her children in in a daycare because she believed it would help her children with their social lives for now, and when they grew up. She said that the children had learned to make a strong bond with most kids and their caretaker. First, Amy stated that as a parent you need to make a strong bond with that caretaker before you make any decisions.
Jessica, a parent with three grown up kids, took her kids to a daycare when they were young. She said that that there is things you need to know, and one of those most important things is what to bring and how much. She states, "Never even start with bringing toys with them. (they are going to a place that has tons of toys and stimulation)
Allow one blanket just so that your smell is with her and tell them what you want them to do with it when she is not napping.
Visit a few times with her, not as much for her but for you to see how they interact with the babies.
Then, let her visit for 2-3 hours during her awake time so that she can get used to all that noise, and while that is happening talk to the babysitter some more.
Studies show that taking kids to daycare helps develop social skills, such as, sharing. They say that having small rooms around the size of a class room helps build relationships much easier with other kids. Also, there are negative aspects. Kids could end up hitting or biting, or maybe the daycare provider might not know how to handle things in a certain situation. To prevent this from happening inspect the house yourself, ask questions about the daycare, about the care provider, and ask if she has her license.
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