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Adolf Hitler & Joseph Stalin; Compare & Contrast

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Twila Hales

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Adolf Hitler & Joseph Stalin; Compare & Contrast

Adolf Hitler & Joseph Stalin; Compare & Contrast
Adolf Hitler
Economic Conditions

Conditions were poor and rough.
Unemoplyment was very high.

Social Conditions

It was tough
Everyone was starting to give up on the government.

Goals & Aims

Hitler made everyone believe the Jews were to blame
He wanted to restore power in the government and make people believe again.
Joseph Stalin
Economic Conditions

Conditions under which the world's first real workers' state emerged.

Social Conditions

He created the USSR
He wanted to pull the poor into the middle class

Goals & Aims
Stalin said "Our aim is to draw the whole of the poor into the practical work of administration, to insure every toiler, having finished his eight hours' 'task' in productive labor, shall perform state duties with no pay."
Created jobs and built a better a better defense system
Restore power and control the people
Goals & Aims
Convinced the people that they needed to blame a certain group of people.
Adolf & Joseph
How Hitler came to power? His ability to speak to a mass of people gave him power. How Stalin came to power? After the death of Lenin Stalin simply assumed control and was able to maintain that control through murder and terror. Aims and goals for Joseph Stalin? He wanted to Russia's (USSR) land was lost in the previous World War I. Aims and goals for Adolf Hitler? Hitler's primary goal was to reverse the Versailles Treaty and recover the lands in Germany had won before it lost in WWI.
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