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Game, by Walter Dean Myers

Drew Larson is the best player at Baldwin High, and he knows it. Drew gets all the attention, but there is a new kid on the team that is getting the coaches love. Drew needs to keep his cool, and play his own game so he can get to college.

Sam Harris

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Game, by Walter Dean Myers

by Walter Dean Myers Game Drew Lawson knows basketball is taking him places. It has to, because his grades certainly aren't. But lately a new kid joined the team, Thomas,and Drew won't let anyone disrespect his game. Just as his team makes the playoffs, Drew must come up with something big to save his fading college prospects. He struggles within himself to keep cool and play his own game. He cant let Thomas get in his head and mess up his dreams. I recommend the book, Game, to anyone who wants a great read. Walter Dean Myers really knows how to keep the reader in the story. All of his novels show how life really is like for African American youths. His stories give the reader a vivid picture and an incredible story line.

I love Walter Dean Myers writing style. His books do not have as much action as some books, but he knows how to keep you in the story. There is always something that you wonder, and makes you keep on reading. About the Author -Walter Dean Myers was born on Aug. 12, 1937, in West Virginia.
-He was originally born Walter Milton Myers, but soon after birth he was given away to Herbert Dean.
-Life was based around Church and helping the neighborhood.
-His passion was basketball, and dreamed of playing in the NBA.
-In High School, he began writing, and his teachers saw his talent and told him to continue.
-He now writes books for children and novels for young adults.

- "The special place of the young adult novel should be in its ability to address the needs of the reader to understand his or her relationships with the world, with each other, and with adults. It is this language of values which I hope to bring to my books. . . . I want to bring values to those who have not been valued, and I want to teach those values in terms of the ideal. Young people need ideals which identify them, and their lives, as central . . . guideposts which tell them what they can be, should be, and indeed are."-Walter Dean Myers Plot
-Someone on the block gets shot and killed and Drews mom is worried about her kids safety.
-Team is introduced to a new star player, Thomas.
-Team played the first game, and Drew gets benched for being too selfish. Gets angry at Thomas.
-Drew goes to Thomas' house, meets his mom. Cant figure out if Thomas is an enemy or a friend.
-Coach House keeps starting Thomas before Drew; he gets upset.
-Drew sees that House is favoring Thomas.
-Coach House tells Drew, "Sit down. Maybe you will learn something". That gets Drew thinking of his game and how he can make it better. In the meantime, a rivalry starts between Drew and Thomas.
-In the next game, Thomas freezes up, and doesn't shoot the potential game winning shot. Drew steals it, shoots and makes it.
-They almost fight in the locker room.
-Does Drew learn to keep his cool to impress college scouts? Does their friendship get better? Does Drew have the career he hoped for? Read the book and find out.
Drew- Main Character
Jocelyn- Drews sister
Ruffy- Drews best friend and teammate
Needham, Sky, Ernie, Abdul, Bobby, C olin- Other teammates
Thomas and Malcom- New white kids on the team.
Coach House- Team coach
Fletch- Teams assistant
Dr. Cornilius "Doom" Barker- Principal of Baldwin High Themes of the book
-One of the themes of the book is to trust the people around you, and don't be selfish. Walter Dean Myers is telling us that the game of Basketball is like the game of life. It's not an individual sport, you are relying on the people around you. If you are selfish, then the game isn't always going to work out for you. It's the same with life. We rely on the people around us, and we need to work together to be succesful in the game of life.
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