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The Good Earth: The Oppression Of Women

No description

Frida Hooper Campos

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of The Good Earth: The Oppression Of Women

Foot binding was a painful practice to keep a foot from further growth. Many times it would result that the woman would not be able to walk long distances. The practice of foot binding was used in China to make a women's foot tiny. A woman was thought to be beautiful if she had her feet bound. Foot Binding Journal Foot binding was a horrible practice that caused constant pain to women. This practice showed how much power a man had over a woman, he was able to choose what he wanted his wife to look like. Women were made to please their future husbands, they did what they had to in order to have a husband. The Good Earth: The Oppression Of Women Slavery For Women: Throughout the book we see that slavery is very common, especially for women. Families saw slavery as a way to get money. They would sell their daughters to a wealthy family in order to buy food. Women were not treated kindly as a slave. They were either worked to death or if they were pretty, they were used as a sex item. Journal Slavery was not seen as a sin, it was common. During the book Wang Lung was not sure is he wanted to sell his daughter or not. He asked O-Lan if it was a tough life, or if because she was pretty it would be easier. O-Lan simply said, life was hard and if you were pretty you were just used as a sex item. Hearing this Wang Lung did not have the heart to part from his fool. Childbirth: Women already had a hard life, with some being slaves and others with their feet bound, they now had another pressure. A women's family always preferred to have a son born rather than a girl. A boy was seen as a person who could carry one the family name, he could bring honor to the family. A girl was seen as a waste to time and money. Journal While reading the book we see that O-Lan is proud of herself, for having given birth to a male. It seems that having a son has made her someone, someone people never thought she could be. "When I go back in that house, it will be with my son in my arms. I'll have a red coat on him... and red flower trousers... and a hat with a gilded Buddha and tiger-faced shoes, and I'll go into the kitchen where I spent my days as a slave and into the great hall where the old mistress sits with her pipe, and I'll show myself and my son to all of them." " My mother said I was not to weep aloud because you are too kind and weak for pain and you might say to leave me as I am, and then my husband would not love me even as you do not love her."
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