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Great White Sharks

No description

on 11 October 2018

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Transcript of Great White Sharks

Notes: Expository Text
Factual Claims, Common Place Assertions, Author's Bias and Loaded Language
Factual Claim, Opinion, Commonplace assertion, or Author's Bias
Factual claim
Definition: based on a fact or information that can be proven. A claim is known by actual experience or observation.
Example: 85% of brain growth is complete by age three.
Is this statement factual, an opinion or a commonplace assertion?
Scientist estimate that, worldwide, populations of some sharks have dropped by 80 percent.
View this clip and listen for words that indicate an opinion.
Peter Benchley's Jaws
What part of this scene may be based on commonplace assertion?
What is an Opinion?
a personal belief, attitude, or judgment. It is subjective. It cannot be proven

Example: Diet drinks taste terrible.
What is a commonplace assertion*?
*STAAR Test will ONLY use assertion.
a statement that many people assume to be true, but which is not necessarily so. There is no proof or facts to back it up.

Example: One bad apple can spoil the bunch.
How about this statement?
...we thought that once a great white scented blood, it launched a feeding frenzy that eventually led to death.
How about this one?
These are the most wonderful of natural-born killers.
Practice time
Let's read "Great White Sharks" pg. 918 by Peter Benchley and practice recognizing opinions and (commonplace) assertions.
Write Down on Sticky Note
While Reading:
Identify 3 Factual Claims
Identify 2 Opinions
Identify 1 (Commonplace) Assertion
Identify 4 loaded language
What is Author's Bias?
partiality in a person; influence; especially unfairly.
Loaded Language
Words that are strongly negative or strongly positive
Today we know that these most wonderful of natural born killer, these exquisite creatures of evolution, are not only no villians...
Example: The beautiful shark glided gracefuly through the water.
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