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No Late Fees

Reel Video

Courtney Scott

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of No Late Fees

No Late Fees By:
Lily Dawson
Jordan Jameson
Courtney Scott
Emily Singer Basic Premise: Reel Video, located in Chicago is in need of a new owner
Neil (main character) returns home from a failed acting career in LA and becomes owner of the store
As a child, Neil would visit this store often with his father, who passed away when Neil was 13
Reel Video is struggling to stay in business with competitiors like "netflix"and "red box," so Neil has his work cut out for him Target Audience Potential Advertisers Airing Network young and middle aged men and women, ages 18-35 educated students and young adults who are starting their careers single, unmarried people urban, contemporary and liberal people appreciation of movies, theater, and drama The Office and 30 Rock Netflix, Blockbuster, and Redbox Other electronics companies like Apple, Samsung, Panasonic and phone and internet companies like AT&T and Cricket Fast food places such as McDonalds, Taco Bell, Subway, and White Castle, pizza places junk food companies like Doritos and Coke beer companies such as Budweiser and Corona Male hygiene products such as Gillette and Just for Men, “Touch of Gray.’ Cars like Toyota and Jeep Chain restaurants like Outback and Applebee’s Video game systems like XBOX 360 and Playstation, Wii credit card companies **NBC; large audiences, several similar styles to our show
"The Office" and "Parks and Recreation" (humor style)
Spike or FX
If aired on SPike or FX, there would be more crude humor added to our show than if "no Late Fees"were to air on NBC
Main Characters NEIL Neil's Apartment Ralph's Mom's House Backroom of Reel Video RALPH bartender/owner
high school education
relaxed; chill
enjoys talking to neil main character, 31
failed actor
only child, father died
movie buff
LINK MITCH NANCY STACI SUZY MARTHA 'MARTY' STEVE previous owner of "reel video"
frustrated with large corportations
moved to florida to retire Neil's mom, early 50s
loves neil, but has a hard time connecting with him
very high-maintenance
widowed...twice Neil's (not so) secret crush
smart, journalist, eco-friendly
confused about her love life
humble, 32
casual dress style
junior college student, 21
employee of "reel Video"
self absorbed; ditzy
tries to give neil love advice employee at "reel video"
movie junkie
student; focused on grades
22 years old
Nancy's boyfriend
weatherman (local celebrity)
met nancy at tanning salon
30 years old
has a crush on Neil
hangs out at Ralph's
went to high school with neil Craig Rob FedEx Delivery Man
delivers Movies to Neil
enjoys talking to Neil Meredith Neil's Neighbor
In her early 70s
cares a lot for Neil Video Store Dad died when Neil was 13
loved the video store
constantly in neil's conscience Marty's Boyfriend
dislikes neil
flirts with Staci Fast and Furious Clueless Casablanca Stagecoach Little Women The Godfather Fight Club Planet Earth Godfather Pulp Fiction Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi Die Hard Legally Blonde important Settings Secondary Characters Recap attracts young, educated viewers 18-35
NBC network
many potential advertisers
characters can develop; syndication
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