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hate crimes

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josie steiner

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of hate crimes

Hate Crimes: Race & Sexual Orientation Hate Crimes (bias crime): a criminal offense committed against a person, property, or society that is motivated by the offenders bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. Sexual Orientation Based Hate Crimes 2006 Racially Based Hate Crimes 2006 Reported Hate Crimes 2004 Why do hate crimes occur? Often extreme prejudice and ignorance is portrayed in a hate based crime. These crimes are often committed by those who have developed a lack of understanding of others differences, which ultimately results in fear and intolerance. Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado was brutally murdered at the young age of 19. He was decapitated, dismembered, and partially burned. It is believed that this tragedy was a hate crime due to the murder's brutality and the victim's open homosexuality. "I lost somebody so precious. The only thing he can't take away is the love and memories I have of my baby. My beautiful, beautiful baby." -mother of Angie Zapata. Angie Zapata was a transgender person murdered by Allen Andrade, who was convicted for first degree murder, life in prison without parole. Andrade's defense was that it was an act of passion when he discovered that Angie was biologically male. In a classroom at Central Michigan University there were four nooses discovered hanging. This incident was the third hate related occurrence on campus since the beginning of their fall semester. It was an intimidation crime that illustrated the ideals of the South's infamous lynching history. Marcelo Lucero was an Ecuadorean immigrant fatally stabbed in a train station parking lot in New York. His Killer, Jeffrey Conroy, faces 8-25 years in prison for manslaughter. Conroy has three counts of second degree attempted assault as a hate crime on three other Hispanic men. Conroy was just one of the seven teenagers who randomly attacked Hispanics. Who commits these crimes? In 2008 the majority of these offenders were Whites with 61.1%. Following in their footsteps were Blacks who committed 20.2 % of the crimes. 1.1% were Asian or Pacific Islander. Native Americans have committed .7% of the hate crimes. The rest of the statistics are contributed by those of multiple races or unknown ethnicities. What are the types of crimes committed? 39.4% of hate crimes committed in 2008 were against property. Crimes Against Property:
Motor Vehicle
Other 60.4% of hate crimes committed in 2008 were against persons. Crimes Against Persons:
Murder and Nonnegligent Manslaughter
Forcible Rape
Aggravated Assault
Simple Assault
Other Who is targeted? 4,704 offenses in 2008 were motivated by race. 72.6% were anti-black bias.
17.3% were anti-white bias.
3.4% were anti-asian/pacific islander bias.
1.3% were anti-native american bias.
5.5% were anti-multiple race bias.
1,617 offenses in 2008 were motivated by sexual orientation. 58.6% were anti-male homosexual bias.
12% were anti-female homosexual bias.
25.7% were anti-homosexual bias.
1.7% were anti-bixsexual bias.
2% were anti-heterosexual bias.
Who suffers from these crimes?
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