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Earth poem analysis

No description

Gabriella Tecun

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Earth poem analysis

"Earth" "Earth" Meaning "Earth" (1) - by John Hall Wheelock IRONY: Device Meaning: Poem two means that when the world ends and earth is destroyed, human beings are going to suffer the same fate as other living creatures. Philosophers might think they are above ants and lice; kings might believe they are better than cattle and cockroaches; millionaires might feel more important than beggars and mice; but in the end, all living beings will be the same: Part of a child's entertainment! Earth is being destroyed and a child far away thinks it is a shooting star. "Earth" (2)- by Oliver Herford Pg 13 in packet Definition: the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning Effect: Irony provides a dark humor and unexpected twists in the poem. It may also leave the reader confused or amused. Example: In the first poem it talks about "highly intelligent beings" which is ironic because humans must be intelligent to build the weapons to explode Earth but stupid enough to try it.
In the second poem a child looks up at Earth exploding and sees it as a "pretty shooting star", although it is an entire civilization ending. Poem one means that the Martians believe Humans were smart enough to build nuclear weapons but at the same time stupid enough to use them and destroy their own planet in the process. Martians are shown as superior intelligent beings who enjoy watching humans destroy their own planet. By Gabriella and Ethan John Hall Wheelock Oliver Herford
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