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SharePoint Summit

SharePoint Summit

Brian Salsman

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of SharePoint Summit

SharePoint Summit Montreal, April 2010 Overall,
well worth it!!! 1. Techniques
for business process I was even introduced to a simple on-line tool for building and making presentations (which I am using here as a trial!) What did I gain? Search Content Types Tartget Audiencing jQuery Governance Learned best practices and various methods
for identifying business requirements for SharePoint solutions.

For example:

Business needs should be identified before any software demos. Premature demos can lead to confusion and cloud the business requirments

Business requirements should help drive the technology ... not the other way around.

Business owners do not know what they don't know (i.e., what the software can do). Not knowing the tool, future requirements or solutions can't always be articulated. Focus on what is broken .... then show possible solutions

The most valuable learnings?:

HR is on the right track with our application of SharePoint and how we use it for our programs/processes! Also, several good contacts (SharePoint and Business) ... which will help us continue to evolve 2. SharePoint
Tools 3. Public
Speaking Experience Learned various ways SharePoint can further improve process solutions in HR. Learned that public speaking can be quite rewarding ... having the opportunity to present was a great experience.

Where can these be applied?

Employee Experience
Workforce Analytics
BAESC case management tool
Recruiting case management tool
HR forms
plus, plus, plus ..... It was also valuable hearing the presentations from leaders in the SharePoint community. Very informative.
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