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Attack On The Pearl Harbor

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Nina B

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Attack On The Pearl Harbor

The Attack On The Pearl Harbor
By: Nina Butris

The attack on Pearl Harbor was an unexpected military strike carried out by the Imperial Japanese Navy against the United States naval base.
This battle took place at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on the morning of December 7, 1941.
From the insight of the defenders of the attack, it began at 7:48 a.m Hawaiian Time.
What Was The Purpose Of This Attack?
The entire purpose of the attack on Pearl Harbor was so that it was neutralize the U.S. Pacific Fleet, and to defend Japan’s advance into Malaya and the Dutch East Indies. The Japanese were waging a war in Manchuria against the Chinese.

The Japanese wanted to enlarge their empire in the Pacific. They were extensively industrializing and in order to sustain this, they needed a reliable source of oil. The US did not like the Japanese’s aggression in China and they asserted an embargo on Japan. In other words, the U.S stopped providing Japan with raw materials.

They attacked the Pearl Harbor hoping for quick victory over America, however, it failed.
What Happened During the Attack?
This attack transpired on the Pearl Harbor.
The Synopsis of The Attack
The attack was intended as an avertible action in order to prevent the U.S Pacific Fleet from striking with military actions the Empire of Japan was proposing against oversea territories of the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and the United States.
The base was ambushed by 353 Japanese fighters, bombers and torpedo planes in two waves, blasted from 6 aircraft carriers.

All eight of the U.S Navy battleships were demolished. However, the 6 of those battleships got back into action and returned to service. The Japanese as well, damaged three cruisers, three destroyers, and an anti-aircraft training ship.

There were not many Japanese losses: 29 aircraft and five midget submarines lost, and 65 servicemen killed or wounded. One Japanese sailor was captured.
The attack on the Pearl Harbor was almost entirely an aircraft based assault. More than 400 Japanese bombers introduced a fleet of six aircraft carriers. A close 2,500 American serviceman died, and over 1,000 dealt with life-threatening wounds during the attack.
Weapons Used In This Attack
Weapons that were used in this attack included nakajima B5N bombers, Aichi D3A dive bombers for attacking the ships, docks, airfields, torpedoes, armor piercing bombs, general purpose bombs, 7.7mm machine guns, and 20 mm cannon.
What Was The Outcome Of The Battle?
The outcome of this attack forced the U.S into war. The attack of the Pearl Harbor devastated the Pacific Fleet. It made the U.S to realize that they needed to protect their boarders since they were attacked on their own shores.
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