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The Bear Movie

No description

kaleab fesseha

on 20 July 2016

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Transcript of The Bear Movie

The Bear Movie
Summary of The Bear
3 animals that baby bear (Youk) copied
Frog: Baby bear, first copies the frog down the little lake by trying to jump.
Large bear (Bart): Baby bear, copies the large bear by pushing down the trees, when the large bear tries to impress the other woman bear.
Fish: Baby bear copies how the fish waddles on dry land by jumping as he sees the fish jump.
Why did the large bear try to kill the horses
The large bear (Bart) tried to kill the horses because they cannot catch the bear without the horses so then they never will get the chance to catch the bear, unless they find him close by if they are lucky.
Why did Bart let Youk follow him around
Bart let Youk follow him around, because Youk did not have someone to look after him and had no idea how to survive in the woods by himself without food and water, also that Youk stopped the blood from Barts shoulder, by licking it off.
Why didn't Bart kill the hunter at the end of the film when he had the chance
The movie Bear, starts off with a little brown bear named Youk, finding food with his mum. But suddenly his mum digs down under the tree, which makes the rocks on top of the tree land on her, squashing her head on the ground, hitting her brain, which kills her.

The little bear hasn't eaten in 3 days before he finds another bear to take care of him. The big bear named Bart teaches him how to survive in the wild. Bart and Youk are being hunted down by two men, who are trying to kill them.

Bart didn't kill the hunter, as he didnt want to be as bad as the hunter, because he knows how painful it feels. This shows how far Bart has come in terms of his sensitivity.
My Favorite part of the film
My favorite part of the film, is when Bart shows Youk how to hunt for food in the wild, which shows he cares for Youk surviving, unlike early on the movie when they first meet, this shows Bart is willing to take care of Youk.
Why is hunting bears now Illegal
Hunting bears is Illegal, because it can cause an extinction of bears. As there is now only 1500 bears in the 48 lower states of the US and is now decreasing because of it becoming an Illegal action.
What do Grizzly Bears eat?
Grizzly bears eat meat and vegetables, but when they find rivers or lakes they hunt for fish or hide and look for a deer. They also eat grass, nuts and wild beans.
Enemies of a Grizzly bear?
Grizzly bears have Mountain Lions and Panthers as their natural enemies. Grizzley bears defend themselves by attacking back but dont intend to eat their enemy.
Bears Hibernate. What does this mean and why bears do it
In October, winter comes along and its time for bears to hibernate, this is because some of their foods disappears and its extremely cold. Bears escape to caves and hibernate until April or May. Bears can lose about 15 to 40 pounds during the hibernation periodd and have an average heart beat, which is 55 changes to 10 beats.
1. Polar bear: 6 interesting facts
1. Polar bears performed in the Colosseum in Ancient Rome.

2.Polar bears are not white they are colourless.

3. Polar bears can swim over a week non stop.

4.Polar bears are invisible to infrared cameras

5.There are Polar bear-grizzly hybrids which means Polar bears and grizzley bears have mated.

6. Polar bear liver can kill you if you eat it.
2. American black bear 6 interesting facts

1. They have colour vision and keen sense of smell
2. They are good tree climbers and swimmers
3. They have colour vision and a keen sense of smell.
4. They can run up to 35 miles an hour.
5. They are very intelligent and curious.
6. They weigh up to 125-600 pounds
Bear 2 main parts
1. Youk has been taken to a zoo and been kept in it.
2. Youk and another Bear 'Barney' escape from captivity.
3. They head to the national park which looks like the woods and rangers take care of them.
1. The Grizzley King
2. The brown bear (animal)
3. The film "The Bear".
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