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The Three Branches of Government

No description

Jackson Young

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of The Three Branches of Government

The Three Branches of Government
The Legislative Branch
The Executive Branch
The Judicial Branch
Checks and Balances:
1. The Judicial Branch can declare an Executive act unconstitutional and:
2. Can declare laws unconstitutional.
By: Jackson Young
1. The power to look over laws(when someone
has sued) to make sure a law is constitutional.
2. The power to try cases involving federal laws
and the U.S Constitution.
The head of the Judicial Branch is:
The US Supreme Court
1. Executes the laws of the nation
2. Prepares the Budget
3. Appoints Cabinet Officers, Ambassadors, and Federal Judges
4. Administers The Federal Bureaucracy
Checks and Balances:
1. Appoints federal judges and US
Supreme Court Justices.
2. Can VETO laws that Congress has passed.
The National heads of the Executive Branch are:
The President, The Vice President, and The Cabinet.
The State heads of the Executive Branch are:
The Governor, The Lieutenant Governor, and The Attorney General.
The Local heads of the Executive Branch are:
The Mayor and The Chairman of the Board of General Supervisors.
1. Makes the laws of America
2. Approves the Budget
3. Approves Presidential appointments
4. Raises Revenue through taxes
5. Regulates Interstate and Foreign trade
6. Declares War along with the Executive Branch.
Checks and Balances:
1. Override a presidential VETO(with a 2/3
2. Impeach Judges for law-breaking.
The National heads of the Legislative Branch are:
Congress(US Senate and The House of Representatives).
The State heads of the Legislative Branch are:
The General Assembly(State Senate and House of Delegates).
The Local heads of the Legislative Branch are:
The City Council and The Board of Supervisors.
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