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Morrissey L The Arts

No description

Incarnation Catholic

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Morrissey L The Arts

Morrissey L The Arts
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I want to work in the arts, but can't decide which career I want to pursue. I have some time to think about it, but I have narrowed it down to two careers. Either a Singer or an Actress.
Just because I might be busy with a new career doesn't mean I will forget about my hobbies, reading, dancing, visual arts, and sports, volleyball and track.

Fulfill a career that I will be happy with. I really hope to become a famous either singer, actress, or maybe even both! I don't want to get to caught up in my job, though, I want to be able to have time for my family.
Tampa Catholic these electives: Art/Drawing(2D and 3D), Studio Art, Music Theory, Introduction to Drama, Art History(AP)

I would like to go to the Art Institute of Dallas. They will help me major in visual and performing arts in a 4-year program. This school focuses mainly on the arts.
I will focus mainly on the performing arts, mostly because I am a little shy and need to work on performing in front of people.
The Perfect School
What is needed to pursue
this career!!
Confidence (working on it)
Music History
My Vocation
I will continue to follow through with my vocation.
If I became singer I could always sing in the choir.
If I became an actress I could help out with community
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