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No description

Hope Gettemy

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Haunted

Haunted Hollywood- is it just the movies? By: Hope Gettemy Pd. 3 We all know those scary Hollywood movies, but are the movies really as scary as the frightening Hollywood itself??? Perhaps its those amazingly scary good actors that make Hollywood so haunted! But what makes Hollywood so haunted??? Is probably the most famous haunted hotel in Hollywood
was built in 1927 and was set out to be a luxurious hotel and to serve the new industry of movie making
The most prestigious stars of those days, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford, helped make the hotel become alive and the grand opening included appearances from huge stars, Gloria Swanson, Greta Garbo, and Will Rogers, along with others
The hotel was popular for many years, until in 1984 in which it had a restoration- from then on people have said ghosts had made many check ins there The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Well the first weird event that happened at that hotel was in December of 1985, which was about two weeks before the grand re-opening
While sweeping the floor of the Blossom Room, which hosted the Academy Awards banquet in 1929 , Alan Russel- personal assistant of the General Manager- noticed a very cold spot in a certain area of the room.
Alan and another co-worker were surprised to learn that the chill was not coming from a draft or air conditioning
later Physics have come in to investigate and came to the conclusion that there is a man in a black suit that haunts that room.
It's also said that this hotel has not one, but two celebrity ghosts?
Montgomery Clint who stayed at the Roosevelt Hotel while rehearsing for his movie, From Here to Eternity, supposedly now haunts room # 928 on the 9th floor, playing a trumpet and pacing the hallways
Marilyn Monroe is the apparent ghost of the Roosevelt Hotel who has been seen several times in a full body mirror, the mirror that used to belong to her and is currently located next to the elevator on the ground floor What makes the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel so haunted? Just a few pictures of the Hollywood Rossevelt Hotel What else makes Hollywood so haunted? Universal Studios
Culver Studios
Occidental Studios Universal has provided us with many years of great film making and are famous for their horror movies- Starting in the 1930's films such as Frankenstein, Dracula, and The Mummy were huge hits and still are today
The reason why Universal is considered haunted is because of Lon Chaney, who starred as the Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera, released in 1925- Construction began on stage 28
Many people believe that he kept his identity as the Phantom
For many years, electricians, carpenters, designers, art directors, and security guards have seen sightings of a man in a black cape that has walked across Stage 28 or have run across the catwalks overhead
Many visitors, not know the history of Stage 28 have stated to seeing a man in a black cape
Security guards laugh at the idea of a ghost haunting Stage 28 but admit to getting freaked out when the lights turning off and on by themselves with the doors opening during the night
Stage 28 has become a legend in Universal Studios Universal Studios Has brought us many great classics including: Gone with the Wind, King Kong, The Untouchables, Lassie, Batman, among many more
Was started by a Pioneer film maker, Thomas Ince, in 1918
Sadly, Ince is remembered more by his scandalous death than his amazing contribution to the art of film making
Nobody quite knows how he dies, but we do know that he died while celebrating his 43rd birthday on November 15 of 1924 while on a yacht, know as the Oneida, which was owned by William Hearst, who worked for the newspaper
Hearst and Ince were not always on good terms
Explaining Ince's death couldn't have been stated more simply in Hearst's paper- After have drunk and eaten too much, Ince collapsed dead due to acute indigestion
However there were witnesses that said they saw a bullet in Ince's head while being carried off the ship, who of which included Charlie Chaplin
Hearst had invited Chaplin to the party because Hearst was jealous because Chaplin was trying to win over Marion Davies, whom Hearst had a thing for- Investigators had informed Hearst that they had seen Marion and Chaplin together, making him jealous
It was said that Hearst saw Marion and Chaplin slip off together toward the lower deck during the party
In confusion, Ince ended up with a bullet in his head, not Chaplin
So, basically Hearst got jealous of Chaplin, accidentally shooting Ince in the head, and he paid people to cover up for him
But many people have said that death didn't stop Ince from appearing back at his studios
There have been rumors of ghostly figures roaming the lot at night also with quick appearances of a woman on the third floor, leaving a cold chilling spot behind
Many have said to have seen Thomas Ince himself climbing the stairs of the main administration building
Apparently remolding seems to bring out the worst in Ince's ghost
Two workman were the first to encounter him when they looked up and saw a man in an odd bowler-type hat staring back at them from above the catwalks above stage 1-2-3.
They spoke to him., but Ince just merely frowned and turned to walk into the next wall
Later that summer, more employees have seen him up in the catwalks and they were convinced that Ince matched the description given to them by Eugene Hilchey
Before vanishing into the wall, Ince's ghost had said, "I don't like what you're doing to my studio." to the workman Culver Studios Paramount Studios in the 1930s Why is Paramount considered to be one of the most haunted studios in Hollywood? Paramount is located right next to the Hollywood Memorial Park, which has ironically has had many of its own ghost stories
Many of the actors who worked for Paramount are buried in that cemetery-closest to stages 29 through 32
Stages 31 and 32 seem to have the most activity
There have been reports of spirits seen entering the studio lot and what they wear is described as clothes from the 1930s and 40s
There have been hearings of footsteps and it is not uncommon for equipment to tun on by itself and start operating
When a stage door is opened or closed, there's no way that sound can be muffled
There is a story of three guard who were on duty at stage 32 during night- one of the guys went outside for some fresh air and locked the doors behind him
-The other two guards were making sure everything was in order, when suddenly they heard walking behind the stage flats
-Curious, they walked over only to find that no one was there!
-Then they heard the stage door being opened, thinking it was the third guard, but soon found out that he was still sitting outside
Haunted Paramount.... Continued This is a similar story of a guard working the night shift by himself at Stage 32
- After finishing locking up and making sure everything was A-O.K, he turned out the lights and was about to leave
- Just as he was leaving, he heard someone walking across the stage
-He wasn't sure how they could see, knowing that the lights were out and there were props all over the place for the next day's filming... It would have been difficult moving even with the lights on
-Being startled, he turned on his flashlight and checked for the sound but saw no one!
-After that, he vowed to never lock up by himself again
Paramount Studios has many entrances some of which include entrances from the graveyard
It's here where most of the ghosts are seen to enter the lot
Harmless, they are, however they leave some guards with rattled nerves
Some guards even say for sure they've seen ghosts poke their heads though the cemetery wall and then disappear again
While others have said to seen full body ghosts walk through the wall of which include Rudolph Valentino, the apparent ghost who haunts every place in Hollywood The Hart Building Is probably one of the oldest buildings in Paramount
Used to belong to DesiLu Studios which was owned by Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball
There is said to be a spirit of a woman who haunts the upper floors
One witness says that she gives off a strong smell- an odd flower like perfume
Is often seen more by men
Its said that she takes items from desks and private places and throws them on the floor
There e also stories of windows and doors unlocking themselves or lights been turned on or off, and also people have claimed to have been tapped on the shoulder by body-less figures
There is another story that occurred on the third floor of the Hart Building- an executive of the company went up to the bathrooms to wash his hands
While peering into the mirror, he was most shocked to see that his eyes were glowing red!
he ran back down and told his secretary to look at his eyes
When peering into his eyes, she saw the red too and began screaming, then ran for the door
The executive tried to get up from the chair, but claimed to have hands pressing down on his shoulders
There are many more stories about Paramount, but that's just a few Occidental Studios... Beyond Haunted nd Ladies and Gentleman, this had been...... Haunted Hollywood! With your host Hopeeee Gettemy! Thanks for watching folks! Come back tomorrow as we talk about New Jersey Haunted Citations: http://www.prairieghosts.com/hollywood5.html
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