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Nano Tech Presentation

City of San Antonio Economic Development - Commercialization Panel

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Transcript of Nano Tech Presentation

City Profile Mayor Julian Castro Population: 1,351,305
7th Largest City in US
25th Largest Metro Area
Annual Visitors: 26 million
AAA Bond Rating One of the most dynamic economic regions in the U.S San Antonio Dallas Austin Houston EDUCATION Outstanding Educational Opportunities Economic Development Tools - Tax Abatement is only on new investment
- Wage Standards
- Project Monitoring
- Clawback Provisions Tax Abatements: Lowering
the Cost of Doing Business State Incentives Texas Enterprise Zone Program (EZP) Designation

Texas Enterprise Fund

Skills Development Fund

Texas Emerging Technology Fund (ETF) Annual Economic Impact of $13.5 Billion
Total City Investment of $213 million
Total Private Sector Investment of $2.7 Billion Despite an economic recession:
4,400 new jobs created.
5,500 jobs retained.
Companies such as Medtronic, Toyota, Nationwide, Kohl’s, Allstate, Glazers Distributors, and Becton Dickinson have chosen San Antonio to locate or expand operations.
No other city in the U.S. can boast this kind of economic development success during this recessionary period. Economic Development Successes San Antonio ranked 4th in Forbes "Next Big Boom Towns in the U.S. "

San Antonio was ranked 4th in Forbes “Best Big Cities for Jobs.”

San Antonio was ranked 9th in Forbes “Fastest Growing Cities of the Decade.” - Forbes.com

San Antonio was named a top 10 spot nationally for college graduates.
-Livability.com Economic impact of:
$18.9 billion (conservatively)
$24.5 billion (including estimated military impact) Fiscally Sound AAA Bond Rating
Diverse Economy
Strong Financial Reserves Aerospace Economic impact of $3.8 B

Paid $479 million to 9,438 employees San Antonio is home to Toyota Manufacturing Texas and in 2010 became the exclusive home of US production of the Toyota Tacoma The Health Care and Bioscience industry is the lead industry in the San Antonio economy Renewable Energy CPS Energy RFP is developing San Antonio as a leader in solar energy generation and manufacturing 80+ private sector information security companies in the San Antonio Defense Technology Cluster. 1 in 6 San Antonio employees works
in the healthcare and bioscience industry Manufacturing Ensures competitive rates, outstanding quality, and reliablity to over 2 million customers. Mission Verde Health Care and Bioscience Paid over $6.5 B to 141,251employees

Produced 33,000 net new jobs Recent developments in military medicine and thebioscience sector point to a bright future for thisindustry in San Antonio. 400 MW Facility
Manufacturing facility in San Antonio
Identifying opportunities for local Manufacturers What People Are Saying Information Technology/Cybersecurity Paid $882 M
to 15,648 employees The #2 largest concentration of data centers in the U.S. “San Antonio is recession resistant and poised for recovery”
-Forbes Top performing metropolitan area of 2011
-Brookings Institution Balanced - The Economist Economic impact of $8B San Antonio recently secured work on the Boeing 747 and 787 11 goals that outline principles of sustainability San Antonio has adopted in practice and planning Eagle Ford Shale

Economic Development Foundation Task Force formed to capitalize on opportunities

Military Activities/Cyber Security

$1 billion construction at Lackland AFB
Texas Cryptologic Center and 24th Air Force fueling growth
in Cyber Security Industry

International Business Development

New global program initiative Economic Boosters $596 million program, divided into five propositions, was approved as follows:

Streets, Bridges & Sidewalks - 72 percent in favor
Drainage & Flood Control – 73 percent in favor
Parks, Recreation & Open Space – 64 percent in favor
Library, Museum & Cultural Arts Facilities – 62 percent in favor
Public Safety Facilities – 67 percent in favor

The FY 2012 Budget Provided:
$3 Million in incentive funds for center city revitalization
$4 Million for incentive funds for industry development that can also be used for center city projects SA 2020: Downtown Development

322 Projects and $1 billion over six years
Facilities (i.e. Libraries)
Parks Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services “AAA”
Moody’s Investors Service, Inc. “Aaa”
Fitch Ratings, Inc. “AAA” Paid nearly $2.2 billion to 52,786 employees Economic Impact $14.4 billion San Antonio is the only city with a population of more than 1 million to receive a “AAA” general obligation rating from all three major rating agencies. General Obligation Bond Ratings Downtown is Priority Identified specific, achievable goals for eleven vision areas The 140-project Bond Program Includes:

41 projects in Streets, Bridges & Sidewalks – $337.44 million
17 projects in Drainage & Flood Control – $128.03 million
68 projects in Parks, Recreation & Open Space – $87.15 million
11 projects in Library, Museum & Cultural Arts Facilities – $29.03 million
3 projects in Public Safety Facilities – $14.35 million 2012 Bond Projects Major Industry Employers:
Health Care & Bioscience
Information Technology & Cybersecurity
New Energy
Retail Trade
Oil & Gas
Construction Employed
80,469 workers in 2011. Hospitality is the Leading Industry Employer Retail Trade Had the Most Small Businesses 8,585 firms A+ Rating for Small Businesses
-The Kauffman Foundation Relocated headquarters and manufacturing operations from Austin to San Antonio Portable room disinfection system
Uses pulsed xenon ultraviolet light
Destroys viruses, bacteria and bacterial spores without contact or chemicals
27 jobs brought to San Antonio SAEDC 6,017 Jobs Created or Retained

$898M Corporate Investment

Companies such as Halliburton, CyrusOne, Sigma Solutions, Xenex, Innovative Trauma Care and Southwest Airlines chose to relocate or expand to San Antonio. Rankings & Reports Best Performing City of 2011 - Brookings Institute
A+ Rating for Small Business Friendliness - Kauffmann Institute
Top 8 Cities with Surprising Job Growth - Yahoo Finance
San Antonio's Rackspace Ranked Fastest Growing Names in Tech - Forbes
Only City with Population of More Than 1 Million to Achieve AAA Bond Rating from All 3 Major Rating Agencies Equity Investments in projects:
Return on investments that will create a self-sustaining economic development fund.
-InCube Labs
-UTHSCSA South Texas Research Facility
-Innovative Trauma Care, Inc. Overview Economic Development Department & SA2020 The Tools and How We Can Help Exciting Times Recruitment
Equity Investment
Strategic Partnership
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