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The Fall of The Han Dynasty

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Jonathan Parker

on 1 March 2014

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Transcript of The Fall of The Han Dynasty

The Fall of The Han Dynasty
and aftermath.
By Jonathan Parker
Background Info
The Han were very prosperous in discoveries.
Discovered paper and porcelain about a thousand years before the Europeans
Acupuncture became very popular so did Buddhism.
Emperor Wun Ti finished the Great Wall in this era and it stood for 2000 years!
Soon later, the corruption began....
The Great Empire
The Han Dynasty was a great and powerful period in chinese history. The things stated before were just a scratch on the surface. The Han were the ones to start up the trade on the Silk Road. They brought cattle, gold, and silk to those who lived in Central Asia to form an alliance between to the two. Upon founding this, they encounter the Romans. But, the Romans don't conquer they trade peacfully with the Chinese getting their goods. A few years down the road , the Han empires starts to face decay as many things begin to knock them down.....
The beginnings of
The Han begins to fall with the corrpution in their courts. The Eunuchs begin to hunger for power and the emperor's commanders begin to fall to greed. Eventually, the emperor himself becomes a puppet in this show. Again, the Silk road comes into play. It spreads smallpox and measles to places where people have no immunity to them, including China! These outbreaks cause many to die and turn to the chinese acupuncture which claims to heal those who are infected. Then even more threats to their fall come from the North...
Threats from the North
The Han had an even bigger threat growing on their northern frontier. The nomadic tribes, such as the Huns, are becoming bolder by the day and the government decides to put troops there. By doing so, they increase the tax rate and make peasants angry and some revolt. The most known revolt was the Yellow Turban Revolt which was lead by Daoists. This was eventually crushed but soon one more action would destroy their way of life...
Spread of Buddhism
The Silk road also brought good too,
it brought the religion of Buddhism from
India. When they began translating it, they used words from the Daoist people making it seem strangly peaceful. This is one of the few things that were good that came of this but the fall of Han was from the inside...
The Final Straw
The last thing that tore this dynasty apart was the loss of the Mandate of Heaven which whomever had it had the right of the title Emperor. This loss made the citizens go crazy and the goverment could no longer hold. The Han was no more and now come the period of the three kingdoms.
Three Kingdoms Period
The Three kingdoms period was after the long period of civil war called the Period of the Warring States. Though these kingdoms were long divided by technology and army strength they fought on to unify the land. Some of the head leaders made many inventions to win the war such as Zhuge Liang and his Chu-Ko-Nu Repeating crossbow. This period was the most famous getting most of its attention from the novel Romance of The Three Kingdoms written by Luo Guanzhong. This period soon faded aways and this 400 year period of civil war and Warlordism was about to end by the acts of one man who has founded the Tang Dynasty.
Tang Dynasty
400 years later, China would be
unified again under the Thang Dynasty. These people based their beliefs under those of the Han but they where changed greatly so that they would be more efficient. These people also had favored Buddhism more than the last so they all knew what would come if they acted out of line so they all obeyed the laws. This also meant for a HUGE expansion which did happen and the dynasty grew much faster than the Han. The Tang's only wish is that they wont fail like the Han.....
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Song is called: 'Boys and Flowers-Hold Up Your Red Lantern' by Lei Qiang
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