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I love you Kiki!

Ever since i saw you smile :)

TJ Auxier

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of I love you Kiki!

I love you Kiki! Why do I love you? You are always yourself. How you are so sweet to me but can also sometime be a b*tch :P just kidding you are awesome! I love how you make me laugh all the time. I love the way you make me happy You have a great personallity and an awesome sense of humor that is like mine. I absolutly love your smile! I love the way you cheer me up. Your blue eyes are very pretty You are the most wonderful person ever, which is probably not true but to me it is! I love your hugs I love the fact that i will "Never" give up on you no matter what I love animals just like you, and i love music just like you (but to tell you the truth i am not a big fan of country, exept holiday country! :P) Well first, i wanted to say that I will always be with you by your side as long as our love shall last and even if we brake up i will still always be there for you because you are an amazing person and I always want you to be happy. :) Ok, so why do i love you? Omg are you getting dizzy by all of this turning? lol I love you more than yesterday, I love you more than now, And i will love you more than tomorrow I love your awesome laugh

I love your awesome walk :P

I love your awesome total epicness in awesome! :D Btw, i loved the Christmas card that you gave me, thank you, :)

I love you cutie pie! You Are The Love Of MY Life Someone asked me this:

Do I think that you are hot? No... Lol, but I do think that you are very pretty! And beautiful on the inside. Actually yes, you can be hot sometimes, like how you curl your hair sometimes, and other stuff like that...

:P yup i think that you are kinda hot- At times.

that is not why i love u though, i love u because of your personality and other awesome things about you. Merry "Early" Christmas! Merry Christmas! (read that part on christmas) I hope that we can meet up sometimes as much as we can.

that would be good to see you again.

(sorry about the random shape...lol) I was going to put a whole other thing in this Prezi, but i decided to give you a seperate one on Christmas . Anway's I love you so much and you are the path to my maze, also saying you are the cheese to my macoroni, or the seeds to my watermelon, you are the piece to my puzzle! :D I love you sweets, talk to you later <3 Memories Remember the day i asked you out? Remember the day we went to the movies? I felt really awkward..lol That was the best question i have ever asked! Remember when, umm, hmm... there are lots of awesome memories :P Remember when we were at Kara's party and we hugged like 10 times and we sorta held hands? Yeah, i had a lot of fun, AND THERE WAS LOTS OF GANGNAM STYLE!!! Lol and when when i dropped you off at your house we had a really awkward hug... lol i made you drop your cupcake xD
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