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Jonas Mitchell and Aadithyan Namboodiripad

No description

lib hist

on 30 August 2017

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Transcript of Jonas Mitchell and Aadithyan Namboodiripad

Sammy L. Davis & Byers jr. Edward Similarities and differences
Jonas Mitchell & Aadithyan Namboodiripad
1. Sammy L. Davis was in the army while Byers jr. Edward was in the navy
2. Sammy fought in the vietnom war while Byers was in the Afghanistan war
3. Sammy's rank was a sargent while Byers was a chief
4. Sammy s given his Medal of Honor by president Lindon B. Johnson while Byers was given his Medal of Honor by president Barack Obama.
5. Sammy saved his comrades by carrying 3 on his back across a 45 min. swim across a river while Byers saved a hostage by taking blocking the hostage wit his body until they eliminated all the enemies
1. Sammy L. Davis and Byers jr. Edward are still alive today
2. They saved the lives of people directly
3. Sammy and Byers both volunteered in the army
4. They were both born in Ohio
5. Both of them were awarded the purple heart (meaning you went to war, got injured, and came back
Picture of Byers jr. Edward
Picture of Sammy L. Davis
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