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Copy of Interactive Notebook Introduction

No description

min lok

on 28 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Interactive Notebook Introduction

much more interesting than
regular note taking! organized an isn is... all pages have a title, date, and page number
a table of contents helps you to find where pages are
everything is taped or glued in so it can't get lost Is anybody out there? an isn is... colorful notes are highlighted, colored, and drawn so that important information stands out 급여 리볼빙... easy tffaddf notes are taken using
graphic organizers
clear steps
so you easily look back in your
notes to help you solve problems right side left side 배고파... set up using left
and right sides this is where you will practice new skills and ideas
this side will help you figure out if you really understand what's going on this side is for new ideas
this side will help you study and remember how to do things if you put in the effort,
your ISN will become your own personal textbook and how-to guide to this course! your ISN will be even more useful NEXT YEAR so that you can review everything you learned this year! INTERACTIVE STUDENT NOTEBOOK I can't find my homework... I don't know where those notes are... I don't remember this,
we didn't learn this last year... I don't have that anymore,
I threw that after last marking period... the can help! Uh, I think that paper is here somewhere... Teacher
Side Student
Side Page # 뭐할까? 뭐했지? Page # foldables notes practice worksheets venn diagrams pictures explanations graphic organizers graphic organizers how-to new ideas examples flashcards student created problems 글씨제 완전 별루다 경영악화 EWAERWERQ good good
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