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The 5th Wave

No description

Reine Meagan Magtibay

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave
Project by: Reine Meagan D.Magtibay
How does it connect to our class novel (City of Ember)
This is the book trailer for the 5th Wave
Similarities and differences of The City of Ember
-Both books are Dystopian fiction.
-Both have different protagonists/narrators.
-Both books are futuristic.
- Both books over exaggerated in a crisis.
-Both main characters cared for their younger siblings.
- Both started when the lights are beginning to die out.

-It's the first book for a series.
- It has 2 protagonists/narrators.
- It happen in an imagined city.
- It had a corrupted society and government.
- They saved their city.
- All of them survived.
The 5th Wave
- Rather than Dystopian Fiction, The 5th Wave is also classified as a sci-fi and a YA book.
- It's a stand alone book.(The sequel is still in the making.)
-It has 4 protagonists/narrators.
- They didn't save the other survivors.
-Evan died.
Answer to the essential question:
Character Symbolism
Cassie's Plot
How do we take care of our world for future generations?
We can take care of our world for future generations by protecting the things that matter to us now. We should try to maintain the good things that are still here in earth.We don't know what's coming or what will happen in the future. The most essential thing that we could do is we could try to protect and preserve nature, humanity, peace and many other things that makes earth unique from other planets. By doing those things we would take care of the world for future generations. In the 5th Wave, I realized how important a single decision can change everything. I also realized that you really can't be prepared for anything that is coming to you. We could take care of our world and the future by protecting the things that matter to us now.
Textual Evidence#1
Textual Evidence #2
Textual Evidence#3
The whole human race have been through a lot. It was too much that only few of them survived.
The 5th Wave
is all about a girl named Cassie (Cassiopeia) Sullivan who tries to find her brother, Sammy in a world where everything has fallen apart. The 5 waves were the 5 things that the aliens also called as "The Others" did to destroy humanity on earth.
The 5th Wave
is told by different points of view but the central protagonist is Cassie Sullivan.This book, is also narrated and supported by the characters, Ben Parish (Zombie), Sammy Sullivan (Nugget) and Evan Walker. By reading this book, you will go to this thrilling journey to find out if Cassie will save her brother and if the 5th wave, the last humanity's ultimate destruction will end the life on earth forever.
The 5 waves:
1st Wave (Lights out): The destruction of the electromagnetic pulse on earth. It caused a lot of blackouts. It happened only for a few seconds but killed half a million people.
2nd Wave (Surf's Up): Tsunamis and earthquakes happened on earth.It happened in a day. It put the 1st wave's destruction to shame.
3rd Wave (Pestilence):A virus was spread through birds. It lasted for 12 weeks and killed 97% of 4 billion. (4 billion was the number of survivors left.)Cassie's mom died because of the 3rd wave.
4th Wave (Silencers): Silencers are the aliens that kills humans. Cassie's Dad died because of the 4th Wave. (It was still happening in the book.)
5th Wave (Humans):They discovered the 5th wave at the end of the book. The Others trained humans in a camp to kill other humans.

The 5 Waves
Cassie's Exposition
In the beginning, Cassie was alone in the woods. She talked about her normal life before and how The Others and the waves changed her life. She also talked about the things that happened to her before the waves started like how her Dad and Mom died and how Sammy was separated from her. Her mom died because of the 3rd Wave which was the virus that was spread because of the birds, while her dad died because of the 4th wave which was the silencers. Her little brother, Sammy was sent to Wright-Patterson and to a camp called camp Haven/ Wonderland. They were all fooled. Cassie's dad thought that it was a base that will keep the kids safe because the humans thought that in order to save humanity, they need to save the children. It was there only hope. You also realized how much Cassie has been through in the beginning of the book.
Cassie's Rising Action
In the Rising Action, a lot of events happened. Throughout the book she develops into an independent girl since all of her family members were gone. The rising action was all about her realizing, how everything is just ruined and messed up. In the rising action, you could see how Cassie, as a character has changed because of the 5 Waves. She also develops into a much more stronger and independent girl. She became a true survivor. On her way to Wright-Patterson she got shot in her leg because of a silencer. That Silencer was Evan Walker. She wakes up, shocked that she is still alive because Evan helped her. She also realized that the Silencers were on earth all along. Evan Walker wanted to help Cassie save her brother so Cassie breaks her only rule. And that is to trust no one.
Cassie's Climax.
The Climax of the book was that she reached Camp Haven. Cassie finds her brother while Evan also went in without Cassie finding out. She saw Sammy and Ben. ( Ben was wounded.) She found out that Ben also tried to save his brother and they tried to get out of the camp. Vosch (The leader of the camp) saw them and arrested them. They were about to die but Evan saved them. He also shut everything down at Wright - Patterson. Cassie got what she wanted. She got her brother back.
Cassie's Falling Action
Cassie's Resolution
Symbolism throughout the whole book.
Evan had a much more bigger plan than Cassie suspected. She didn't realized that Evan was planning to blow up the camp to destroy Wright - Patterson. The others, along with their trained and brainwashed humans retreated by a plane. They said their final good byes and Cassie, Ben and Sammy ran to meet Ringer and the others.(Ben's companions) The camp was destroyed and they never saw Evan again.
Ringer and the others found one of the automobiles that The Others used. Cassie was still shocked about what happened because she loved Evan. Because of Evan she realized that some of the Silencers have still humanity. Ben comforted her and they drove away from the military base. They now realized, what the 5th wave is and that is themselves.
And the things that happened to the other supporting characters/ protagonists
Sammy Sullivan (Cassie's Brother)
In the book, Sammy got separated from her sister Cassie. He got separated because he was sent to a camp called camp Haven. Their dad thought that it was the only place that could keep them safe. They took the children that survived first and killed the other survivors. His dad died but Cassie survived. Before Sammy left Cassie promised to be with him no matter what. He trusted her sister. In the camp Sammy waited and lost hope because it has been weeks. All the children were being trained so that "The Others" could make an army. Ben, one of the boys in the camp became like his brother. For a few weeks, Sammy was alone because Ben was sent to the final training of being a soldier. In the end he saw Ben and Cassie again to take him out of the camp.
Ben Parish (Cassie's crush)
Ben Parish was Cassie's crush in High School. They were friends when they were kids but they never really talked in High School. Before he got to camp Haven, he was with his little sister. His sister died and he hated himself because of her sister's death. In Camp Haven, he met Sammy (Nugget). Sammy made him remember his sister. Ben always protected him and before he left he gave his sister's locket to Sammy. He also promised to come back for him once his final training was done. With other kids like Ringer and Teacup, they were the first trained group that will be soldiers for "The Others". While they were in the final training, they realized that they were tracked and that they were killing humans not aliens. They realized that the camp was a military base for "The Others" to make the 5th wave. When he realized that, he went back for Sammy even though it was the most dangerous thing he could do. He did that because he didn't want to be a coward like he was before. He didn't want to regret his decisions anymore because he was afraid that Sammy will end up like his little sister. On the way he went through a lot of conflicts involving Vosch. He saw Sammy and Cassie again and they escaped together to Camp Haven.
Evan Walker (The Silencer)
When Evan was still a baby there was something inserted in his mind. He wasn't the only one. But that made him a silencer when the 4th wave began. Once the Waves began, all of his love ones died except him. He was hunting for humans when he saw Cassie. Cassie reminded him of his girlfriend and humanity so it was hard for him to kill Cassie. Instead of shooting her in the head, he shot her in the leg. He left and went back to see her again the next day. He saw that Cassie was still breathing but was about to die so he saved Cassie. He took care of her for a few weeks and promised her that he will help her save his brother. Because of Cassie, he realized that he still has humanity inside him. When Cassie realized that he was a silencer she left. He went after her because he realized that he loved her. He still helped Cassie in the camp. If Evan wasn't there Cassie would have died. He killed some of his leaders and destroyed the camp. Before he destroyed the camp he kissed Cassie goodbye. Cassie, Sammy and Ben escaped while Evan stayed to make a huge sacrifice. He destroyed Wright - Patterson.
City of Ember
The 5th Wave
Cassie Sullivan
There's a lot of things that can symbolize Cassie. It can be the stars because of her name Cassiopeia which is a constellation, it can be humanity and hope because she is one of the last survivors. She can symbolize a lot of things for different people. For Evan, Cassie is like a mayfly because she can be gone in a day like mayflies do. She symbolizes a lot of things to different people.
Textual Evidence:
Cassie as a Mayfly
"You want to compare yourself to an insect Cassie? If you're an insect,then you're a mayfly. Here for a day and then gone. That doesn't have to do anything with the Others. It's always been that way. We're here and then we're gone, and it's not about the time we're here, but what we do with the time." (Yancey 178).
In this excerpt, it shows that Cassie is like a mayfly to Evan. A mayfly symbolizes Cassie because she has some traits like a mayfly. Cassie's here for a day and then gone.
Cassie for Cassiopeia
Sammy Sullivan
Like Cassie, Sammy can symbolize a lot of things to different people. For the Others and for the few survivors, Sammy represents the future because the children are the next generation. For Ben, Sammy symbolizes his little sister because Sammy is young and gentle like his sister. For Cassie, Sammy symbolizes hope that they could still live a normal life even though their dad and mom both died. Sammy also symbolizes the teddy bear that he always carries because no matter how broken and beat up the bear is, he's still the cute brother that Cassie knew.
Textual Evidence:
Throughout the whole book,different characters symbolizes their heart as a battlefield. I think their hearts are like battlefields because in each of their hearts there is love hatred and other different emotions.
"Cassie for Cassiopeia the constellation, the queen tied to her chair in the northern sky, who was beautiful but vain, placed in the heavens by the sea god Poseidon as a punishment for her boasting. In greek her name means "she whose words excel." " (Yancey 3).
In this excerpt her name can symbolize hope because like the stars, it gives us hope and light at night. She also symbolizes Cassiopeia, the queen of the northern sky, because like the meaning of her name, Cassie excels everyday.
Cassie for Humanity
"I may be the last one but I am the one still standing. Iam the one turning to face the faceless hunter in the woods on an abandoned highway. I am the one not running, not staying, but facing. Because if I an the last one, then I am humanity. And if this is humanity's last war, then I am the battlefield." (Yancey 101).
In this excerpt Cassie symbolizes humanity because she is one of the last survivors. She is the only one who is willing to fight the Others. She also symbolizes humanity because she she has all the traits of being human. One of them is feeling emotions. Cassie is humanity.
Cassie Sullivan
Sammy Sullivan
Sammy as a Teddy Bear
These pieces of evidence shows that Sammy is like a teddy bear. He is like a teddy bear because he has the characteristics of it. The teddy bear symbolizes Sammy.
"Sammy. Five. Adorable. Big brown teddy-bear, eyes, clutching the other member of the family with big brown eyes, the stuff one I now have stowed in the bottom of my backpack." (Yancey 50).
"I promised. Whatever happened. NO. Matter. What. That was all he needed to hear. Hw pushed the teddy bear into my chest. "Sam?" "For when you're scared. But don't leave him." He held up a tiny finger to emphasize a point. "Don't Forget."(Yancey 82).
Sammy as the future
"You're the most important thing, the soldier says, and his boyish face is set and serious. You're the future."(Yancey 186).
In this excerpt Sammy symbolizes the future because the children, like Sammy are the future generations. Sammy is the future.
Symbolism #1
"The kid called Zombie, who made a promise, and if he breaks the promise, the war is over- not the big war, but the war that matters, the one in the battlefield of his heart." (Yancey 319).
Textual Evidence #1 Ben Parish
Textual Evidence #2 Evan Walker
"His heart, the war. Her face, the battlefield. With a cry only he could hear,the hunter turned. and ran." (Yancey 142).
Symbolism #2
Textual Evidence #1 Vosch
Textual Evidence #2 Ben
Cassie for Cassiopia
Vosch and Ben are symbolized differently throughout the book.In the book, Vosch is Michelangelo while the survivors are his masterpiece.They are represented differently. Symbolism was really important for them because even though they symbolized themselves the same their ideas were different. Vosch was proud that he was like Michelangelo. Ben was proud because he is one of his masterpiece.
"You are the human clay, Vosch whispers fierc in my ear. And I am Michaelangelo.I am the master builder, and you will be my masterpiece." (Yancey 130).
"What doesn't kill us sharpens us. Hardens us. Schools us. You're beating plowshares into swords, Vosch. you are remaking us. We are the clay and you are Michelangelo. And we will be you masterpiece." (Yancey 446).
"I had it all wrong, he says. Before I found you, I thought the only way to hold on was to find something to live for. It isn't. To hold on , you have to find something you're willing to die for."(Yancey 281).
In this piece of evidence, Evan is trying to tell us that we need to find something that really matters to us. That 'something' should be protected because if something is so important you are willing to die for it. We need to protect the things that matter to us to take care of our world for future generations.
"That doesn't have anything to do with the Others. It's always been that way. We're here and then we're gone, and it's not about the time we're here, but what we do with the time." (Yancey 178).
In this excerpt, it's telling us that t the most important thing that we could do is to cherish the things that the human race did, in a lifetime. We should protect the things that matter to us now so that the future generations could cherish a timeless thing that can be important until the future. We don't know how much time we have left. That's why we need to start protecting and maintaining the important things in life.
"What matters, she says thoughtfully. There's a terrible stillness to her now, a thunderhead about to crack, a steaming volcano about to blow. What matters, Zombie? I was always good at figuring that out. Got a lot better at it after the attacks. What really matters? My mom died first. That was bad-but what really mattered was I still had my dad, my brother, and baby sister. Then I lost them and what mattered was I still had me."(Yancey 302).
In this excerpt,I think that Ringer is trying to tell us that if we want to take care of our world for future generations we should not give up even if we lose something that was important to us. We could protect our world for future generations just by trying to save things that can really matter for the whole human race.
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