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Cedric Bourgeois

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Citizens contribution to the project

1. Creation of dedicated funds
2. Integration and complementarity deal
a. Higher aesthetic flow
b. Less hour of power generation
c. Public display of flow in real time
d. Burying of infrastructures
3. Creation of an advisory committee
4. New hydro dam type
5. Review of the noise exposure forecast
6. Additional study on climate change
7. New architectural concept for the power station

Social acceptace: at the heart of it's mission

Society's commitments:

1. Adopt participative environmental and social assessments processes

2. Maintain a structured and fruitful relation with the community

3. Be and act with transparency

4. Favor local, fair and social economic options

5. Develop its activities following sustainable development principles

A proactive preconsultative process aiming at:

Inform the community of the potential impacts

Learn about concerns, needs and expectations of stakeholders

Validate and complete the preliminary ESIA

Have a better ESIA and a better project
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