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Project Management

No description

Sara Al Ameri

on 10 October 2015

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Transcript of Project Management

Done By : Sara S AlAmeri (2009 35355)
Reem S AlKathiri (2009 35380)
Afra A AlJaberi (2009 07332)
Evaluation of GIS Section
in Al Ain Municipality

GIS for Project Management
Improve service delivery and management efficiency
Improve accuracy
Data sharing that support decision making
Save time & money
Improved communication
Better record keeping
Intructor: Dr. Muhammad Alnaemi
A geographic information system (GIS) integrates hardware, software, and data for capturing, managing, analyzing, and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information.

GIS has become less expensive, faster, and easier to use.

The cost of developing GIS databases has also dropped.

The Benefit of GIS in Municipality
Geographic Information System (GIS) technology has found its way into many municipalities across the United Arab Emirates .

It is important to recognize that GIS implementation within a municipality, whether large or small, represents a significant investment in staff resources and funding as an Information Technology (IT) project.

GIS technology targeted at municipal governments must be consistent with the:
Available geographic information and tools.
Skills of the municipal personnel.

The implementation must therefore be managed like any major IT project to achieve benefits.

Al AIN Municipality is a government institution basically directed to serve Al Ain Area, which covers Al Ain City and the neighboring areas.

Al Ain Municipality Department was established in 1967.

Al Ain  city Municipality stands as a leading institution of development in the area.

This is due to the role it plays and the programs and services it delivers for improving the quality of life to the highest possible standards.

The Town planning and Survey sector which divided into 3 departments:
Building permits department
Spatial data department :
Maps planning, GIS, and ground survey section
Urban planning department

The structure of the GIS section includes:
GIS development and planning unit
Spatial data processing unit
Geographic data quality unit

Step 2
We have chosen to make an evaluation on the whole section.
Prepared the questionnaires according to the five main components of GIS
Make an appointment to meet the head of the section
Step 3
We met the head of the GIS section Mr. Ahmed AlShamsi
Get the answers of our questions and discuss about our project.
Collect more information that related to our project.

Step 4
As a final point, we evaluated the answers.

“Evaluation of GIS Department of Urban Planning sector in Al Ain Municipality “ Steps.
Visit Al Ain municipality to get the Information about the Sectors they have
Step 1

They get their spatial data from different sources such as orthophoto, satellite, land survey, paper maps and Lidar.

The GIS section in Town planning department is satisfied with the accuracy of their data.

can be used as a base map in a GIS.

GIS section updates their orthophotos data once a year or sometimes it depends on their necessity.

The accuracy of orthophoto : is about 20cm.

Satellite Image

The other source of data is satellite image.
The GIS section has used many types of satellite image such as
1. IKONOS : 4 m resolution( black /white )
1 m (color).
2. IRS : 5 m resolution.
3. Landsat 1972 / Landsat ETM : 57 meter.
4. Dubai Sat : 2.5 meter .

It generates stores, analyzes, manipulates and presents geographic information or data.
GIS Section's Software:
Geomedia (64)
VG4D (2)
Micro station (50)
ArcGIS (5)
PCI Geometrical
Erdas Images
The license allows the end-users to use one or more copies of software
Intergraph Middle East
Physical part of a computer e.g disk drive storage unit provides space for storing data and programs.
GIS Section has 13 Workstations, 3 Plotters, Printers and Scanners.
To show how GIS section in Town Planning and Survey sector of Al Ain municipality applies the five components and evaluate it.

To investigate the latest GIS applications they work on.
Application: AlAin Interactive Voice Map
Started on January 1st, 2013
Leaders: Khalfan Almazroei and Nasr Alblooshi
Language : Billingual
Target: Users who do not have much of experience in dealing with software
Features : Phe population, Yearly Imagery, common landuses of Al Ain City, Voice recognition, Shortest Path
Mobile App: Play Store and App Store
Thank You for your attention
Any Question?

Al Ain Municipality
GIS Application
Recommendation and Conclusion
There is no specific budget for collecting data.
AED 6 Million - Lidar
AED 3 Million - Data Exchange Procedure

There is no direct contact with another municipality
Should contach with DEM first
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