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Jupiter by Cat Doherty ~ Period 6

No description

Cathy Doherty

on 15 April 2011

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Transcript of Jupiter by Cat Doherty ~ Period 6

Jupiter Type of Planet:
Outer Planet

Rotation: 9 hours, 55 minutes Revolution: About 12 years Diameter: 142, 984 km Diameter Compared to Earth:
11.2 times as big as Earth Number of moons: 60 Atmosphere Compostion:
Made of Hydrogen, Helium, and Methane Strength of Gravity: 25 kg Distance from the sun: 778,330,000 km Temperature:
Ranges from -250°F to 70°F Attractions Planet Accommodations Free water and oxygen complimentary to every guest, even animals . Guests can zoom to new places on Jupiter's Halo ring . Guests will need to prepare for any kind of weather.
Expect extreme cold, mild warmth, chaotic, high-pressure storms, and methane hurricanes .
*It's best to bring shirts, jackets, shorts, jeans, sandals, sneakers, etc. Ring Around Rollercoaster-
Zoom on this fun ride featuring the rings of Jupiter.
The Main, the Amalthea Gossamer, and the Thebe Gossamer .
*Ages 6 and below must be accompanied by an adult. Onion Ring Sampler
*fresh from the Jupiter's Halo, Main, Amalthea, and Thebe Rings .
*freshly made tomato sauce from Io .
Flying Saucer Pizza
*freshly made toppings from Io .
(melted cheese, splotches of tomato, ripe olives, spicy volcanic pepperoni and more .)
Out of This World Ice Cream
*freshly made from Europa, the ice moon .
Callisto Crater Chocolate Chip Cookie
*inspired by the most cratered moon, Callisto .
Asteroid Belt
*a delicious belt of chocolate truffles in resemblance to asteroids .

AND MUCH, MUCH MORE (: Food Moon Gazing-
Did you know that Jupiter has the most moons in the Solar System ?
Well, now you do !
You'll get to see all kinds of moons like:
-the biggest moon, Ganymede
-the most cratered moon, Callisto
-the most volcanically active, Io
-the ice moon, Europa
and many, many more . The Great Red Spot-
Guests can view this high pressure storm that has been around for hundreds of years from a safe distance .
The storm can cover up to 400 km (250 miles) per hour, but it's gradually shrinking . As the Romans believed, Jupiter was the king of all gods .
He reigned supreme .
As the largest in our Solar System, Jupiter is the king of all planets as well .
You can't find anything else like it !
If you don't want to get stupider, choose Jupiter (: Footage of The Great Red Spot
"The animation was compiled from blue filter images taken using the narrow-angle camera on NASA's Cassini spacecraft during seven rotations of Jupiter between October 1 and October 5, 2000." Guests will stay at Hotel Jupiter . Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto Ring Around Rollercoaster Works Cited Images:
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Cathy Doherty
Period 6 Ice Skating-
Grab your skates and head to Europa .
You can cruise this icy crust for miles ! Ice Skating
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