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Buring Wood- Physical or a Chemical change ???

we pick a random item/items describe how it is placed in physical or chemical change.

Bethany Dieter

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Buring Wood- Physical or a Chemical change ???

Is it a physical or chemical change??? This is the tree and here is the wood being burned The item will be wood being turned into fire wood burning. this is the ax (the tree an the ax are enemies) FIRST YOU SEE THE TREE THEN THEY FIND THE AXE THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THEY WORK TOGETHER Then they use their magical pocket to pull out a green lighter. They use the lighter to burn paper then throw it in the FIRE. Beware the things you are about to read may shock you We did all the steps......we made a hypothesis....we put it in order.....it was...physical change when they chopped the wood......it's a ...... dumdum..dumdum...... its a chemical change when you place it in the fire. Hypothesis Our hypothesis is that after you cut the wood, set it on fire, and then put it in the fire pit, the ashes can not turn back into wood. Is this Chemical or Physical change?
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