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reham alkhammash

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Quizlet

What is Quizlet?
It contains 400 million study sets of vocabulary and other information.
It was created in 2005 in Albany, California by 15-year-old boy.
An online tool that helps in learning
and memorizing.

Quizlet's study tools
It's not only about language
learning, it also provides other
courses related to arts, history,
law ...etc
Andrew Sutherland
The story behind Quizlet
Andrew was 15 years old when he created the website. He was studying French and needed a tool to help him in memorizing.
In the beginning he shared it with his friends and classmates. Then he released his work to the public. Nowadays over one million students are using Quizlet.
The Founder
How to use Quizlet?
-This tool helps in memorizing vocabulary and terms.
It has two sides.
when you flip the card it displays the picture or the definition.
- helps in pronunciation and spelling. It will pronounce the word then you type what you hear.

Test Mode
In this mode you will have set of questions to test yourself.
Quizlet links
What did I benefit from

It helped me to interact and join classes to improve my language.
I learned new terms and memorized them using "flashcards".
Whenever i learn new vocabulary i test myself using “test mode”.
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