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Reiley's Extravagant Birthday

No description

Reiley Oleszczuk

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Reiley's Extravagant Birthday

Reiley's Extravagant Birthday
Historical Events
-February 8th 1862 General Ambrose Burnside's troops captured Roanoke Island
-Average cost of gas in February 2000 is $1.49
Famous People
-George Washington- February 22
February Birthstone and Flower
-Blooms only in the Spring
-Grows in the woods and meadows of Europe
-The colors of the flower range from Yellow, Pink, Red, Lilac and Purple
-Purple/ Bluish-Violet Gem
-The color of the gem is believed to be caused by impurities such as iron and magnesium.
-Have been mined in Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico and many others.
-Gave the Yankees control of the mouth of Albemarie sound, allowing them to threaten the rebel capital of Richmond, Virginia.
-This was one of the first victories of the Civil War.
-The Yankees suffered - 37 men killed and 214 wounded.
-Average precipitation in Philadelphia, PA is 2.7
-Abraham Lincoln- February 12
-Ronald Reagan- February 22
-W.H. Harrison- February 9
Birthday's of Famous Authors
-Adrienne Adams- Children's Book Illustrator- 1906
-Jules Verne- French Novelist, Poet and Playwright- 1828
Interesting Facts
-Second month of the year according to Gregorian Calendar.
-Mary, Queen of Scots, executed in 1587
-National African American history month
-Grammy Awards took place on February 8th
February 8th
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