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Cole Matthews' Character Description

No description

Jessica S

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Cole Matthews' Character Description

The Way out
Cole Matthews' Character Description
S is for Speak
Cole spoke with rude and angry behavior in the beginning.
"I never want to see your ugly faces again",
Cole shouted at the lawyer and his parents
after finding out he wouldn't be released.
T is for Thoughts
Cole thought no one in the world cared for him and that his parents hated him.
"You don't get it, do you? My parents are divorced and don't give a rat if I live or die. All they care about is themselves. No body cares about me. All my life I've been dumped on."
-Cole Matthews
E is for Emotions
Cole was very angry and mad. He was deeply hurting inside and he felt unwanted by everyone.
This banishment was the ultimate hurt - worse than his father's fist and belt, worse than his mother's never caring. This was the hurt of being alone and unwanted.
A is for Actions
Cole was a very violent person. He beat Peter very roughly on the sidewalk until there was bloodshed. Cole also tricked people in Circle Justice by pretending he actually wanted to change when he didn't. He also burned down the shed Edwin made for him with pure anger and then tried to swim away from the island as his escape.
Cole started laughing like a madman.
- Cole Matthews when he burned down
the shelter that Edwin built for him
L is for Lesson
Life is what you make it.
Garvey explained to Cole that ingredients alone may taste awful but when mixed together, they taste very good.
S is for Speak
Cole starts speaking with patience and being rude starts to minimize when he talks to people. He also starts to speak the truth even though people didn't believe him. Pride in telling the truth starts to take place in Cole.
"I don't need to prove anything. I'm telling you the truth."
-Cole talking about seeing the Spirit Bear
T is for Thoughts
Cole thought about his mother, Edwin and Garvey on his second trip to the island. He thought about how they cared for him. He also thought about Peter and how he was doing. Cole thought about how to be invisible to see the Spirit Bear again because he really wanted to see it. Cole pondered often about the angry dance. One time, Cole thought of making a canoe out of a big trunk he found near the shore but then he made a totem pole instead.
That night he went to bed as usual, but in the early morning hours, he awoke with a start and jolted upright in bed. He knew how to be invisible. To be invisible he had to clear his mind.
-Cole after thinking how to see the Spirit Bear again
E is for Emotions
Cole manages his anger way better now. He doesn't focus on the bad things too. He went to the cold pond everyday in the morning and carried the ancestor rock then roll it down the hill.
At these times, he concentrated on funny and happy things.
A is for Actions
Cole went to the cold pond everyday early in the morning and carried and rolled the ancestor rock. He started carving also. Cole danced in the evening around the fire dedicated to the animals he saw during the day. At the end of the book, he finally knew how to do the angry dance.
Cole couldn't believe he was getting up this early to go sit in a freezing river.
- Cole starting to make a habit of going to the freezing river/pond
L is for Lesson
When you hurt others, you hurt yourself too.
When Peter arrives at the island and gets angry at Cole, he realizes that he hurt Peter so badly that Peter wants to hurt him. All the bad things he did to people are coming back to bite him.
Touching Spirit Bear was an amazing book!
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