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Tone of voice in copywriting

writing with a clear, consistent voice

Claire Bennett

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of Tone of voice in copywriting

Harper Adams University College is the UK's leading specialist provider of higher education for the agri-food chain and rural sector. It is a total blast, with students having it large every night down the boozer. This prestigious seat of learning is renowned for excellence and innovation, state-of-the-art facilities and rewarding courses. Hey bro, get yo ass down to the hood – HEC’s da bomb! What is tone of voice in copywriting? Written tone of voice is simply the personality of your brand expressed in words. It governs what you say and how you say it, in any medium. It gives your writing clarity and consistency and the impression that it is coming from a single source that is honest and trustworthy. Many voices ... one tone of voice One tone of voice Brands have their own tone of voice Audience: Affluent, young, cultured, liberal, social issues
Headlines: Long, small font, formal
Vocabulary: Long words, complex sentences
Tone: Serious, witty, politically engaged, crusading Audience: Working class, male, less affluent, politically to the right
Headlines: Short, large font, informal
Vocabulary: Short words, simple sentences, cliche and jargon
Tone: Light-hearted, makes fun of stories, witty, moral (prudish) Plebgate Epic battle in the Big Apple brings
Murray his first grand slam title Murray makes a mint

1 pee to £100m

Loo break helped me win, says Andy Who is talking? No bits. No rubbish. Just a tube full
of smooth fruit puree to keep
your little ones happy. I live and make my work in Moscow, where
many generations of my family have thrive.
My great grandfather, Vitaly, fought in the
Meerkat Mongoose war of 1728. My grandparents survived the Furry Terror of 1921. We're all about takin' the easy option.
After all, why try harder? Our world. It’s a big place.
So many people, so few resources.
How can we feed them all sustainably? Variations in tone of voice Audience Medium *Age, gender, culture
*Corporate & brand tones
*E.g. Disney Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, websites, blogs, newspapers, magazines, adverts, advertorial, emails, press releases

The trick is to keep the personality consistent Who am I?
Finding a tone of voice Three little words... If I were a biscuit ... Harper Adams is the best because ... *Groups of five
*Pick a celebrity
*Write one sentence Your mission Product: A new brand of bottled water

Audience: Parents and kids (8-16) Devise: Brand name, character, slogan

Write: 2x web copy (parents and kids)
1x Tweet Now you know about tone of voice remember you can use it in everything you write ... I'm a celebrity ... Claire Robertson-Bennett Publications Officer * News reporter
*Magazine editor *Brands have a personality
*A consistent voice
*Innocent always Innocent
*Useful for ALL writing Two university lecturers have sparked outrage amongst students by forbidding them from breaking wind in class. Julie Boone and Rebecca Payne were so fed up with smelly classrooms that they banned anyone from belching (or worse) in class. Ms Boone said: "It was unbearable, especially on a Thursday morning after they'd been drinking beer the night before." The sensitive-nosed teachers have also asked the canteen to stop serving Baked Beans for breakfast.
*Boone bans beans
*Students kick up a stink
*In a grump over trumps
*Becks bans beer
*Uni Booney Looney The Sun Guardian *Education, eructation, evacuation
*Lecturers court controversy over
classroom wind ban The Sun: Irreverent, witty, conservative
Guardian: Serious, questioning, liberal Harper Adams: Friendly, positive, professional Natural and formal tones
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