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College of Engineering

No description

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of College of Engineering

Location: ENC 1302

Contact Information:
Name Phone E-mail
Kate Johnson 813-974-4937 kjohnson@usf.edu
Lili Clark 813-974-5742 lmclark@usf.edu
Eva Fernandez 813-974-9503 ecfernan@usf.edu
John Morgan 813-974-5648 jpmorga2@usf.edu
Pachara Mayton 813-974-6282 pmayton@usf.edu
Pat Homer 813-974-4940 homer@usf.edu
Krysta Banke 813-974-9283 krystabanke@usf.edu

To set an appointment, use e-Scheduler

College of Engineering
Welcome to Engineering 101 for OTLs
Basic Facts
Number of Undergraduate Students
3792 (as of 2012-2013)
Least Known Facts:
Over 100 countries represented by the College of Engineering
College of Engineering offers tutoring in ENG Edgar W. Kopp building
Engineering Live and Learning Community
• Industrial Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Chemical Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Computer Engineering
• Computer Science
• Information Technology

College of Engineering Advising
Top 3 Questions Asked by Students
• What should I take?
• What is Foundation of Knowledge and Learning?
• What student organizations are there for engineering students?

Online classes are not suggested
Maintain a balanced schedule with Foundation of Knowledge and Learning courses and core classes
Foundation of Engineering
Foundation of Engineering Lab ( if in Calculus)
Avoid taking Engineering Economics during first-year in college
Math is priority, next is science, then English, Foundation of Knowledge and Learning courses
Expectations on the Students
You are responsible for your own education
You have to make your own choices
Engineering is a commitment and a lifestyle
Don’t overschedule yourself
Experience for Undergraduates
Found through professors
Teacher Assistants provides connections
Research Day
Student Organizations
30 Engineering Student Organizations
Major oriented organizations (Ex: American Institute of Chemical Engineers
General Engineering organizations (Ex: Florida Engineering Society/Engineering EXPO)
Service organizations (Ex: Engineers without Borders)
Honor Societies (Ex: Tau Beta Pi)
Internships and Co-ops
Strongly encouraged for summer of junior year
Can improve chances of getting a job
Career Services help coordinate internships
Career Fairs
Tips for OTLs
Do not give specific advice, but explain how things work
Refer them to the advisors
Don't give wrong information
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