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Andrew Clements

No description

Lauren Rectanus

on 17 March 2016

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Transcript of Andrew Clements

Facts about Andrew
Andew had 4 kids
He lives in Westborough, Massachusetts
He is 66 years old
He went to college at Northwestern University
His first book ever wrote was Bird Adalbert

Those were some facts about Andrew Clements. I hope you like it.
About Frindle
Andrew got his inspiration for Frindle by going to some 1st and 2nd graders and he was teaching them about words and the kids didn't get that words only mean what we decide they mean. They didn't believe him so he pointed to the dictionary and told them that ordinary people like them and like me had made up all the words in that book and that new words get made up all the time. Pulling a pen from his pocket he said, "For example, if all of us right here today we would never call this thing a pen again, and that we would now on we would call it a frindle. That is how he got the inspiration for frindle. He sold more then 2.5 million copies of Frindle.
Andrew Clements
Some of Andrew's books
Frindle Things that are
The report card Dogku
Trouble Maker A million dots
No talking Double trouble walla walla
The school story Because your daddy loves you
Things not seen Tara and Tiree fearless friends
Lunch money Jake Drake, Bully Buster
Extra credit Temple cat
The landry news Who owns the cow?
The weeks in the woods The mouse family
Room one Naptime for slippers
The janitor's boy About average
The jacket Fear itself
Lost and found
The last holiday concert
Big al
We the children Andrew Clements has a lot more
Thing hope for books but here are some of
Jake Drake, the teachers pet them.
I am doing an
Author Study on Andrew Clements. He is an author of many children's books.
Andrew Clements
The Report Card
The main character in the story is Nora. In the beginning of the story Nora gets her report card and she got a bunch of D's and C'S. She is doing it because she is actually really smart and doesn't want any one to know. Then one day she was on this computer and she was on college stuff and she had to leave for this meeting and she didn't turn of her computer so when the librarian went to turn off the computer she looked and saw that Nora was on college stuff and she looked deeper into it and saw the Nora was actually smart.
When I was reading The Report Card and Frindle I noticed that the books have something in common and it is that there is always a trouble maker.
Andrew Clements Game

What have I noticed about the books ?

What was Andrew's inspiration for Frindle ?

Who is the main chacater in The Report Card ?

How many kids does Andrew have ?

How old is Andrew ?
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