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Answering Writer's Effect Questions...

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Jeff Nace

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Answering Writer's Effect Questions...

Answering Writer's Effect Questions...
Writer's Effect
Often you will not only have to explain the meaning of the words, but also explain how they would suggest a particular idea, emotion, feeling, or aspect of character.
Helpful Tips
1) Again: understand that every word is chosen by the author for a reason. (ie. plucked and dumped)
2) If a question asks for specific parts of speech (ie. use adjectives in your answer) then a good start would be to look at how the writer himself used that part of speech, then think of synonyms.
3) The very best answers will refer to the grammatical function of a word. (pg. 139)
Exploring Skills
Read the excerpt in question 1

The sun seems weaker, the birds less chirpy, the air more polluted, the sky a shade darker.
When you have been plucked from a beautiful big bungalow and dumped in a crumbling house where you are forced to live in a crowded dormitory with dozens of kids, I suppose you do acquire a somewhat jaundiced view of life.

Now read the example answer to the question:
- explain the meaning of the words in bold
- say how they suggest the writer's feelings of helplessness.
Question 3
"The writer's feeling of helplessness is increased by the fact we do not know who 'plucked' him from his home. The lack of a subject makes the act even more frightening"

What types of word are the other words in bold?

Is the same true of all of them - that they have no subject?
Questions 4 and 5
Please answer these questions in pairs.

If I were you, I would have each person write down one of the answers, but it's up to you.
Learning Objectives:
- to understand how particular words and phrases suggest ideas and emotions
- to apply what you have learned in a text
Exploring Skills
How could the answer have been better?

1) The response could have mentioned how the bungalow meant he had a home once and he doesn't anymore.

2) The response could have explored the idea that an unknown outside force grabs him, as we don't know who takes him and this adds to his helplessness.

Now try #2 on your own.
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