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Food Security& environment

No description

krupesh patel

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Food Security& environment

Feast of Famine?
Food Security &


Urbanization and food security/environmental problems
Food Security In Egypt
Food Co-ops for Healthy Communities and Food Security in Impoverished Neighborhoods
Questions / Recommendations ?
For what purpose does there need to be a change in the food production industry into a more sustainable one which can provide food security to those both in the developing and developed world.

Analyzed through:
- a whole world perspective into the changing dynamics of the population and its threat on food security and environment
- a localized perspective on the challenges of food security faced by Egypt due to environmental and economic strains
- an analysis of food co-ops and their ability to provide accessible food and resources to those less fortunate in the developed world
Common Theme:
How does the changing dynamics of the world’s population from rural to urban based effect food security and the environment?
What are the benefits and limitations of food co-ops and what are their impacts on fostering community, environmental sustainability and providing low-
income communities who cannot afford to shop at natural food stores access to healthy, affordable foods?
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