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Jc Caylen

No description

Morgan Ruff

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Jc Caylen

Birthday: September 11th, 1992
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Jc Caylen
He has a mom and a dad.

Two younger sisters, Jaylyn and Ava Grace

And a younger brother, Joe- Felix
Why is he famous?
He makes YouTube videos
He has two YouTube channels:
His main channel, where he creates random funny videos. And his vlog channel, where he films random events.
Why I Chose This Person
Interesting Facts
His real name is Justin Caylen Castillo
He goes by Jc Caylen because he likes it more
O2l is a collab channel on YouTube
There are six guys in this group
Their names are Connor, Ricky, Sam, Jc, Trevor, and Kian
They make videos they're doing weird, funny challenges
He lives in Los Angles, California with his three friends
He is 21 years old
His favorite colors are teal and black
His favorite food is hot wings
He has a dog named Wishbone
He has a cloud tattoo to represent positivity
He loves meeting his fans and traveling the world
He's funny
He's an inspiration to others
He's one of my idols
His videos are really awesome
He loves to skateboard
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