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Barrel Racing

No description

Kee Begay

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Barrel Racing

By: Kiara Begay Barrel Racing What is the NFR? History of Barrel Racing History Information What is Barrel Racing? Barrel Racing The NFR (National Finals Rodeo) is a rodeo where all of these people come together from all over the world to compete in this. There are different events that are made for both boys and girls. In the NFR there are a lot of events made for everybody. Some of the famous events are Team Roping and Barrel Racing that are the most famous that have been featured in the rodeo’s. There were at least two starting associations made for woman barrel racers. The first association made was called the GRA (Girls Rodeo Association) developed specifically for women and girls. The second association was called the WPRA (Women’s Professional Rodeo Association), it was developed in 1948 and is still an association today. Now there are over five Barrel Racing Associations in the United States. Barrel Racing has been around before the 1950’s. The pattern of the event is in a shape of a triangle. The event “Barrel Racing” first got started in Texas when the wives had nothing to do when their husband was gone out to a roping event or something when they invented Barrel Racing. In this event both boys and girls can compete in it. The event is a test for the horse’s horsemanship and the strength ability of the rider and the horse. Did you know that there is an event called Barrel Racing? If you ever heard of it you know what it is. Let me give you the basics of it. Barrel Racing is a rodeo event in which a horse and a rider attempts to complete a clover-leaf pattern around preset barrels. Whoever runs the fastest time wins the events and gets a certain kind of prize. Famous Barrel Racer There is a famous barrel racer that went to the NFR more than 5 times. Her name is Sherry Cervi and she lives in Arizona. She lives on in Marana, Arizona. Sherry Cervi has been to the NFR at least 11 times. She sometimes competes in her hometown in associations such as CCOBRA (Cowboys and Cowgirls Open Barrel Race Association). Barrel Racers Another famous barrel racer is Brittney Pozzi. She grew up in Victoria, Texas and still lives there. She has also been to the NFR at least 9 times. Sometimes she comes to Arizona for barrel races. She has earned more than $100,000 in her career earnings. In this year she has earned $170,961. She is 1st in this year standings. Conclusion Barrel Racing is the fourth most famous event in the world. It is also very popular. People have created associations for horses and their riders to have fun with the pattern and just relax while doing it. Sometimes the associations race for money and they are year-round. Then sometimes at the end of the year for the associations they give out yearly-end prizes such as saddles, halters, and etc. Overall Barrel Racing is a technique that simulates patience, agility, and a lifelong friend that you can trust.
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