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Chemistry Resource DVD

Chemistry in-service course 7-9th July, 2010

Richard Zahra

on 18 February 2012

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Transcript of Chemistry Resource DVD

Chemistry Resource DVD Show spectacularly dangerous
experiments Challenge students to apply what they have learnt and explain what they are seeing Good use of ICT, like any effective teaching, needs planning. The universal nature of design principles

A set of principles that have been discovered to work in every situation

...from interior design to novel writing, from architecture to music. How can you design a good Chemistry lesson incorporating effective use of ICT? Identify opportunities for using ICT effectively Keep in mind the wise adage:

'Don't use ICT in Chemistry to do something you can already do very well as a practical activity.' Exceptions: Resources for independent study When practical work is not an option As revision materials As 'catch-up' materials for students who were absent Check that the ICT activity is geared towards achieving your lesson goals and that the presentation is not too long or too boring! Ideas for using the Chemistry Resource DVD Introduce a topic Make students apply knowledge and skills Bring Industrial Chemistry into the lab Use simulations to promote better understanding Revision of experimental techniques before important practicals Documentary features that raise issues for discussion Thanks for your attention and hope you find the DVD useful!
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