Prezi Business Epic Package FAQ


What is an Epic plan?

With the Epic plan the cost of Prezi is based on actual product usage and the size of your organization. This lets you easily get anyone in your company started with Prezi and only pay based on how much they actually use the service. Your team has full access to Prezi with all its capabilities, and you never need to worry about seats or licenses. The platform fee is based on company size and the usage fees are based on data storage and presentation plays.


How are presentation plays defined?

A presentation play occurs when:

  • The owner of a presentation enters Present mode and goes into full-screen or initiates at least one navigational action. Present modes include but are not limited to: regular Present, Live Prezi, Prezi Remote, and Presenter View.
  • Anyone besides the owner reaches the presentation and initiates at least one navigation action.


Is the storage plan based on individual or company usage?

The storage plan is based on company usage and is calculated through the sum total of individual Prezi presentation sizes.


How can I track our usage?

We’ll have a current record of your usage at all times. Your Customer Success Manager will be happy to discuss your numbers with you whenever you’d like.


What’s the average size of a Prezi presentation?

Prezi presentations from our Business users tend to average about 20 MB each in size.


What happens if we exceed our usage plan?

In each year of your subscription, your actual usage will be reviewed after 6 months. If this review finds that you have exceeded your annual usage limits by more than 2 times, you will be moved up only one usage tier (regardless of how much you have exceeded your limit) and charged the pro-rated difference for the rest of the subscription year. At the end of the subscription year, you will be renewed in the appropriate tier for your actual data and play usage.


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