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Art History and Practice with the Ancients

EC for Mrs. Rapelje

Pinky Guerra

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Art History and Practice with the Ancients

Art History and Practice with the Ancients Prehistoric Art in Europe YES! You're still with me! Patience, and we might finish tomorrow. Celebration cat! #1 - The dog is in case you were not a cat person.
I'll bet you're happy. We have done so much. Next
time period; this should be fun!... Art of Ancient Egypt! Can I get a woop woop? I'm gonna pretend that you wooped with me. I'm gonna start with the Great Pyramids of Giza. Were you aware of the fact that they are 137 meters high? That is really high! What's more amazing? they didn't have many materials to build this. It was all their hands, backs, legs, other body parts, and a few tools, (not to mention very heavy stones. #1 - Thanks for sticking with me! You've got the eye of the tiger! Now, I'm going to give you facts all about the Hebrew culture. Believe it or not, this culture is really cool. We learned a lot about their temple and traditions in class, but one off my favorite things was the ark of the covenant. Our class made collages of the covenant. This one is one of my favorite ones because of the ark. The ark of the covenant is mentioned in Exodus. You can track all about it through chapters 25-31. If you have read through this part, you might think it was boring at first, but when you read through it again, you can see how majestic it must have looked. It is kind of hard to tell by the size of the picture, bu on top of the ark there are angels. In Exodus, it says, "these are the offerings you are to receive from them: gold, silver and bronze; blue, purple and scarlet yarn and fine linen; goat hair; ram skins dyed red and another type of durable leather; acacia wood; olive oil for the light; spices for the anointing oil and for the fragrant incense; and onyx stones and other gems to be mounted on the ephod and breastpiece." That's what it looked like .Doesn't that sound majestic? Celebratory Song You are gonna rock the
show with all these new facts
you've learned! Moving forward! EC for Mrs. Rapelje by Paulina Five facts about eight Subects of Ancient Art #1 - One thing that many people don't know about art is that it existed in the prehistoric days. That is a long time ago, and their art is more fascinating then what meets the eye. In the prehistoric times, things were classified into two different periods of time, paleolithic and neolithic. They make look like difficult words at first, but they are actually very simple if one knows their roots. Paleolithic has latin roots. In latin, paleo- means old, and lithos meant stone. Neo derives from the latin word for new. Isn't this intruiging? (It's much more fascinating if you know some latin roots. #2 - I know that you are probably dying to see some art pictures by now, but just be patient. They're coming. You already know about the different paleolithic period, but there are also more classifications. They are called Upper, Lower, and Middle. It is sort of like a scale. Lower being the earliest, and upper being the most recent. So if I put Upper paleolithic you would know it was one of the more recent paleolithic pieces of art. STOP! Hammer Time! I sincerely hope that was a nice break for you. Next fact! #3 - These cool things are called memory images. A memory image is basically what a human basically regards as a human feature. So in short, it is what people most often think a human face looks like. That's why these pictures from different time periods look so similar. #4 - Lion-human. Does
that creep you out a little to read? I mean lion...human. They don't usually get along very well. But a lion-human is exactly what a piece of art from the paleolithic period looked like! Obviously, we cannot
learn much about the
time period from this,
but we do know that
they had a very vivid
imagination to imagine this. #5 - Yay, you have come so far! Now we are going to finish our final fact on Prehistoric Art in Europe! *applause* And don't worry, this is a very cool fact. Ever wonder how people lived back then? What kind of houses they would live in? They lived in mammoth houses. I don't think you heard me right. MAMMOTH HOUSES. So they kill them for meat, right? Gotta feed the family. Then, they make doorframes out of the bones. I'm not even kidding. It's as weird as it sounds. But don't worry they clean them first... at least I think they do. They also decorated the floors. They took some yellow stuff and put it on their floors. If that isn't cool, I seriously don't know what is. Art of the Ancient Near East Trust me, it is so much cooler than it sounds. And I have hand-picked the coolest facts for you. This picture is known as the Warka Head. Take a moment. pick out what you find most intriguing about this picture. It's okay. Take your time... Time up! Was it the unibrow? Please say it was the unibrow. Cause that unibrow is what their image of beauty was. Cool, huh? #2 - Have you ever seen something so intricate and so well done, that you just thought "How on earth, or even the Sun, could someone do THAT!" And it is more of a statement than a question? Yeah, me too. I've had a lot of those moment, but the Uruk vase by far the most for me. With the little materials these people had, they managed to make this just beautiful vase. I mean beautiful. Beautiful. Maybe you should just look at it. To enlarge the picture, it is on the next slide. #3 - Votive figures - that doesn't sound all too creepy right? Wrong. These votive figures were images dedicated to the "gods". They have arched brows and solemnly stand with their hands clasped as if in prayer or respect. It has been suggested that their eyes are staring into your soul. OoooOOOooh. That creeps me out. #4 - What is the weirdest word you can think of? Mine? Ziggurat. Believe it or not, this, really awesome word, is used in the Ancient Near East. (Told you it was SOOOO much cooler than it sounds.) A ziggurat is a temple. This specific ziggurat, Nanna Ziggurat, was built and dedicated to the moon god Nanna, aka Sin. Not only does a ziggurat sound cool, but it also looks awesome. #5 - It's okay! You don't need to be upset. This may be the last post for the Ancient Near East, but there are several more facts! You've heard of a scale right? I mean who hasn't, BUT (yes; there's a but here) I'll bet you haven't heard of a hieratic scale. A hieratic scale is the more important people/things at the top with the lesser at the bottom. A very good example of this is the "Stele of Naram-Sin". The leader is seen crushing people below him. You can see it if you look close enough. If you don't think this is cool right now, keep going. If you think it is cool, still keep going. (Picture in next circle.) #2 - Let me just say now, that I think Egypt is amazing. Let's continue.......... now. Almost everyone is aware of the Sphinx in Egypt. But...whose face is on it? Is it just some random guy's face? Oh, no, no, no. The Sphinx has Khafre's face on it. Khafre had several portraits of himself made whether it was a sculpture or a major architectural find, Khafre did most everything; well had it done for him. #3 - Although in most every Egyptian sculpture, the people were well built, there is one specific one where the person wasn't really fit. This one, however, happens to be my favorite, "The Seated Scribe." Look how natural it is. It is the one sculpture that looks like a real man. I don't really know if it is the naturalistic look or what it is, but this one might just have to be my favorite. #4 - Okay, this one is really cool. It's
a hippopotamus hunt. No matter who you are that sounds cool. What I love about this one is how many different animals there are in the trees. I mean are several of the same kind, but there are also several different ones. Plus, hunting hippos. Doesn'tthere that sound awesome!! #5 - I know that you are crying your guts out right now, and that's okay. If I were in your position I would be too. The last fact about Ancient Egypt! I think I'm tearing up. T.T I think this fact is just really cool. Egyptians used a technique called "core glass". It is basically a glob of some sandy clay that they molded into their preferred shape. Then they skewer it on a fireproof rod. After this, they did ip into a molten glass-filled pot, but only momentarily. After this the core, of clay is taken out by the hole left by the skewer. Then they heat up gthin rods of colord glass and fused them onto the glass surface... here are some examples. "Hippopotamus" "Fish-shaped bottle" "woman from Brassempouy" "anime girl" "lion-human" "Skara Brae" "Warka Head" "Uruk Vase" "Uruk Vase" "Votive Figures" "Nanna Ziggurat" "Stele of Naram-sin" "Great Sphinx of Giza" "Khafre" "The Seated Scribe" "Ti Watching a Hippopotamus Hunt" #2 - Another fact is that the ark of the covenant took a lot of experts to build. The ark of the covenant had so many skills that were needed. It needed seamstresses, trappers, skinners, gold finders, silver finders, carpenters, gem collectors, candle-maker, oil-lamp maker, painter, embroierers, shepherds, etc. Just imagine how marvelous it must have looked! #3 - May I just add, that we are breezing through this? One other fact about the ark of the covenant is that the ark would have costed an estimated 13 million today! That's a lot of money... so where did the Hebrews get all their materials? The Egyptians gave it to them before they left! Isn't that awesome how God provides? #4 - Have you ever seen a really pretty lamp, and just thought I need that lamp? No... well, me neither. But somebody at some time must have. Anyways, the point is that for the Ark of Covenant, God had a lamp made. No big deal, right? It's just a lamp. WRONG. This lamp had a stand that was made of P.U.R.E. G.O.L.D. It had flower-like buds that branched off of lampstands. Isn't that pretty? You can see a version of that in the project I showed you earlier about the Ark of the Covenant. #5 - This is our last Hebrew fact, and it is also our last Covenant fact. So I have decided to go big or go home. This is my overall favorite fact that my class went over about it. It is about how modern churches, still resemble the set-up of the tabernacle. My class had several opinions. I'll share them with you! I'm actually going to also show you the person's own collage projects of the tabernacle next to them. ...

The tabernacle had a basin out front to wash the animals and get them ready and clean for God. Just like we are baptized to be figuratively clean and ready to see God. - MLS

Hers is red to resemble blood. Isn't the simplicity so beautiful? Well, we both eat and drink of wine (we have grape juice) and bread. Everything in the tabernacle was pointing to the holy of holies. Well we don't have the holy of holies but every thing does point to the sanctuary and even more towards the stage! - CW Hers was made to
resemble the covenant.
Can you see the angels?
One of my favorite parts
of this one is all the colors! My church meets in an office-type building, but a couple things I thought where similar was that there is only one door to get into our sanctuary and we have some sort of curtain thing that's a crimson color. - KW It doesn't take a genius
to figure out what hers
resembles. This one is so
pretty, don't you think? I don't think you can compare something as holy as the Tabernacle to a church. The Tabernacle was design by God. It was built exactly as He wanted it. It was the holiest place on earth. That's no comparison to our modern-day churches. (in my modest opinion) - AH There is so much
about the Tabernacle
in this one collage. It isn't that hard to find. I'll let you try one. :) They are both places of worship...they are both 100% God approved... - MR I've already told you what
I like about this one. Mine has a spire at the top and inside its colors a red, blue, white and gold: The carpet is royal blue, the curtains crimson red, the organ and extra elements are gold- not silver- and the ceiling is white. We have a place to baptize, much like the basin. Although they're not the same, there is a cleansing element to them both. - IL What I love about this one is that it isn't on paper like all of the others. It's like real life 3D. The Tabernacle and churches are similar because both are central places of worship. My church is similar to the Tabernacle because the floor and pews are made of red fabric. We also have a table at the front which we use for communion, (it is not gold though!). In contrast to the tabernacle, everyone is welcome, whereas in the tabernacle only the priests were allowed to enter certain areas. - SN What I love about this one is the glitter. See if you can figure out what the glitter resembles. :) The objects in the rooms like candles,Bibles, crosses exc - RL One thing you might not know is that the eye in the background as if watching what you're doing was not purposeful, but it all came together beautifully. Yay! We've gotten all the way to Aegean Art! Happy dance!!! #1 - Aegean art is very cool, and I know I say this about everything, but it's true.The picture above, not the penguin one, is a piece of art from their time that I am particularly fond of. It is a seated harp player. When I look at this picture, I can just heard the harp cords being strung. The ffigure looks so delicate and fragile, yet the body is so simple. Even though the anatomical detail is minimal, one can clearly see the detail of the work. #2 - Believe it or not, back in these days, they did metalwork. It may not be as sophisticated as now, but it was there. They didn't have our tools, but they still made very intricate looking pieces. This is the "Pendant of Gold Bees". "Pendant of Gold Bees" "Penguin" Seated
Player" #3 - Back in the day, they had a gate called the "Lion Gate". Not only was it there back in the day; it has survived all the times and trials. It is a gate made of limestone and is about nine foot tall. I think that it is just a truly wonderful gate. Plus it is beautiful! #4 - I'm kind of disappointed in myself. I haven't shown you all that many wall paintings. So I'm going to show you one! :) This is called "Bull Leaping" It looks as if the man is doing flips over the extremely large pull. The man on the left is holding the bull by its horns, and the one on the right looks as if about to jump. One thing I like about it is the painted from around it. It just looks really pretty to me. :) #5 - Last Aegean Art fact! It's alright. You can cry; just let it all out. What I am showing you is what I think is just a beautiful landscape scene. The artist painted hills and flowers, and it is ust really beautiful. "Landscape (Spring Fresco)" "Bull Leaping" "Lion Gate" #1 - Now we are talking about Ancient Greece. ***Warning some of these pictures are in the nude.... I blurred them out though. The Ancient Greeks started the Olympics, but they had different sports. They did running, wrestling, riding, discus throwing, long jumping, boxing, and javelin hurling. Isn't that amazing? It has changed quite a bit though hasn't it? #2 - the Greeks made these small figurines. The one on the right is known as a centaur. A centaur is half man
and half horse.
The top half is
human and the
bottom half is
horse. "Man and Centaur" #3 - This is not the best picture, but it was available. This picture is of a famous scene, "The Suicide of Ajax. Now how it happened was that Ajax got embarrassed and did not receive what he thought was rewarded. So he committed suicide, killed himself. The vase is exquisite, and the picture doesn't do it justice. #4 - This is a bronze statue with all sorts of metals such as glass, silver, and copper. I find it extremely lifelike. "Warrior A" #5 - This is our last Greek fact. :( It is a good one though. This marble statue is known as "Aphrodite of Melos" or "Venus De Milo." This sculpture is very famous, and it has been regarded as beautiful by many. It just goes to show, that even when a sculpture's parts have broken off, it can still be regarded as beautiful. #1 - These will be our last five. T.T It's alright. I'll make them memorable. This is the Peristyle Garden. It is in Pompeii and was rebuilt sometime around 62-79 CE. One thing I' like to note is how serene an beautiful it seems. If I were to go overseas, I would go here. Roman and Etruscan Art "Happy
Cow" "Peristyle Garden, House of the Vettii" "Venus De Milo" or "Aphrodite of Melos". "Suicide of Ajax" #2 - This marble sculpture makes me really think. I mean, their hairstyles were awesome. Just look at that woman work that! I would like to know how they kept heir hair like that. The woman's features are extremely recognizable. One can clearly make out ears, jaw, mouth, nose, etc. "Young Flavian Woman" #3 - One thing that Rome is known for, has to be their buildings. I mean it has made them famous! This one building, the Pantheon, is one of my favorites for some reasons. 1. The light that comes in from the oculus. It must be beautiful there! 2. The general design of everything makes it so beautiful! Need I even say more? #4 - Mosaics are cool right? It seems pretty easy to do the big ones. What about the really tiny ones? Wouldn't you get bored. That picture is actually a mosaic. That's crazy! "The Pantheon" "The Unswept
Floor" #5 - This is our final fact together. Not just of the Romans, but of everything! You can reread everything if you want! I actually suggest that. That way you can wow people with how much you know about art! Numismatics is the study of coins. It's really cool how coins have come through the ages... Here are some different coins! Isn't it cool how coins differ through the ages? This is just a little taste of what my class talks about. Thanks for reading! GO SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT ART!
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