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Content Strategy Revisited. 5 Steps to Sucess. Knowledge Exchange London 2014

Presentation and Ideas for Development of Innovative Products in Destinations

Schobert Martin

on 16 September 2015

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Transcript of Content Strategy Revisited. 5 Steps to Sucess. Knowledge Exchange London 2014

Content Strategy Revisited. 5 Steps to Success.
Content Audit - Content Inventory - Tactics
How to Organise Content
Guidelines and Checklists....
Story Production is Key!
source: http://www.baekdal.com/media/market-of-information

Content + Service is the New Marketing
helpful services
Martin Schobert,
Knowledge Exchange 2014 September, 26th, 2014 London

Standing Man Erdem Gündüz

Fix the Function of your Website
Are you a
to your destination?
Or a
Often DMOs provide a
travel magazine.
Sometimes it is a stylish

But who needs that?
Only 1,5% of online bookings come from DMOs!
Focus on User Experience
One year ago: 3 clicks rule.
Today: Adaptive Content

One year ago: 7 +/- 2 actions rule
Today: Each page a landing page

One year ago: reduced navigation (3 - 5 options)

Adaptive Content
Content Production
One year ago: Content is (still) King.
Today: Fire your marketeer.
Hire a journalist.

One year ago: Engage external experts.
Today: Content editing inhouse.
- linkmanagement
- seo
- user experience specialist

Step into your Customers Shoes
Content Experience Optimization
5 Steps to Success
One year ago: Contextual Content Placement.
Today: Metadata is King.
Open Data the next big thing.

One year ago: Mobile first.
Today: User first.

One year ago: SEO for Pics. Moving Pictures.
Today: Infographics. Illustrations. POIs.
One year ago: Quality. Be focused.
Today: Reduce to relevant content.

One year ago: Humans love to communicate to human beings.
Not to anonymous organisations.
Today: I still do believe.

One year ago: Storytelling essential content tactics.
Today: Boom - Wow - Wow - Wow - Boom.
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