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Economic Development Priorities - Council

No description

Jodi Dawson

on 1 February 2017

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Transcript of Economic Development Priorities - Council

Economic Development
in High River

May 2016

Guiding Principles:
focused on 'smart growth' - growth that supports and enhances quality of life
economic development is dependent on community development and vice-versa
move from general market positioning to increasingly targeted
learn by doing - move from good to amazing!
High River is a business friendly community where new ideas are welcome and encouraged.
We make it easy to establish, operate and expand business in High River by doing it better, being innovative and daring to be different.
Sustainable economic growth that positively contributes to a high quality of life in High River by providing attractive job opportunities & goods and services that meet the needs of the community.
Community Attraction
Position High River as a community of choice
Target Audience is working age (millenials/young families) & entrepreneurial minded people
Objective is to get people here seeing possibility

Key Actions
Contract a strategic Marketing & Communications partner
Execute 2016 campaign
Vital Signs
Business Recruitment & Expansion
Position High River as THE location for ideas to come to life
Target market is growth-focused entrepreneurs, relocation targets
Objective is to fill existing commercial space & community need

Key Actions
Improved information/investor tools
Broadband strategy
Commercial & Industrial Development
Position High River as a strong investment opportunity
Target market is developers and businesses who are aligned with our quality of life
Objective is to strengthen investment attractiveness & build investor confidence

Key Actions
Ensure inventory of employment lands are available
Water policy
Downtown Vitality
Objective is to bring the Downtown ARP to life

'Downtown High River anchors an energized, vibrant community. It is a catalyst for social activity, economic renewal and forward-thinking innovation'

Key Actions
Increase the energy/up the fun factor
Pursue incubator possibility
Animate the ARP story
Business Friendly
Objective is to strengthen the foundation - strong communication, access to information, clear processes and timelines

Key Actions
Process improvement efforts
Development survey - June
Business friendly scorecard
Enhanced use of technology
Land use bylaw redevelopment
Current Economy Snapshot
155,000+ sq ft new commercial/industrial development
Business License count 1072 total; 552 High River based = 9% decrease from 2012 & significantly stronger than estimates of 30%
Assessment ratio 83% residential; 17% non-residential

1. Marketing - 2016 Campaign
'Tell our Story'

2. Investment Ready, 'Business Friendly' Foundation
Build our Story
Top 2
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