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Red Eared Slider Turtle

Pre-AP Biology

Seth Estrada

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Red Eared Slider Turtle

Red Eared Slider Turtle
Pre-AP Biology
Seth & Jacob Red Eared Slider Turtle
Alligator Turtle Leaches Fish Smaller
Fish The difference between a food web and food chain
is that a food web shows the relationship between the
whole ecosystem and shows the transfer of energy and
a food chain follows a single path and focuses on a more
select group of organisms. Plants Plants Fish Turtle Alligator Energy Pyramid Biomass Pyramid Individual Pyramid
fish Turtle Alligator
Biomass decreases as goes up 10,000 4,000 1,000
Fish Turtle Alligator 100% 10%
As goes up energy lost as heat Mutualism-a relationship between 2 organisms of different species where both benefit. ex) the fish eat all of the algae off of the turtles shell Commensalism- a relationship between 2 organisms of different species where one benefits and the other is unharmed.ex) the fish hide in the plants to not be eaten Parasitism- a relationship between 2 organisms of different species where 1 benefits which i the parasite and it lives on and harms the host. ex) the leach which is the parasite sucks the blood out of the turtle and other fish which is the host. Predation- a relationship in which there is 1 organism that is the predator and the other one is prey. ex) alligator is predator and the turtle is prey. Competition- a relationship between organisms where they have to compete to stay alive. ex) the smaller fish and leaches trying not to be eaten. Adaptations of the Red Eared Slider Turtle Red eared slider has webbed feet for swimming, sharp claws for digging, and quick reflexes for getting away from predators. Another organism from another ecosystem is the armadillo which has body armor made of bands, horn and bone like the turtles shell Another organism from another ecosystem is the penguin which has webbed feet just like the turtle. Th bacteria in the soil support life by freeing amino groups from amino acids and urea, and form ammonia, and once ammonia is formed into the soil it can be utilized directly through nitrification, and eventually the resulting plant structure becomes food for animals. The bacteria aides the Red Eared Slider by making the plants eatable, so the turtle can eat them to survive. The consequence of a disruption in either of the cycles would be that they wouldn't be able to fully complete the process and ammonia wouldn't be able to be formed into the soil for the plant to be eatable, and nitrogenous compounds are essential to life.
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