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NYSARC, Inc. Communications Proposal

This proposal outlines general communications initiatives that could be pursued by NYSARC, Inc..

Steve Felano

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of NYSARC, Inc. Communications Proposal

Objectives Communication Mediums Measurement & Evaluation Key Communication Tools NYSARC, Inc. is the largest not-for-profit organization in New York State and the United States supporting people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities and their families. The 54 chapters comprising the family-led organization provide services in every county in New York State. NYSARC, Inc. supports over 60,000 individuals, employs 30,000, and has a membership of more than 97,000 people. For this reason, the organization requires a comprehensive communications program with statewide and, in some cases, national reach. Such a program should accomplish the following:

Establish and improve upon the brand portfolio, public relations activities, media relations efforts, social media engagement strategy and publications associated with NYSARC, Inc.

Outline and implement strategic communications plans to enhance NYSARC, Inc. as an organization, and engage with current and potential members/donors, legislators, the media and the general public about the initiatives and benefits tied to NYSARC, Inc.

Proactively explore and make use of new communication methods that could help to further solidify relationships with NYSARC, Inc.'s key stakeholders

Continually monitor the social and traditional media landscape to identify new engagement opportunities for NYSARC, Inc. and respond to threats to its brand Print, radio and television placements are some of the most effective methods of raising brand awareness. This continues to be true even as social media strategy and practice gain increasing levels of attention from public relations practitioners. The fact remains that traditional media coverage lends added credibility to an organization's message that the public understands and respects. NYSARC, Inc. should target a healthy mix of traditional media outlets with local, national and international reach to establish and increase brand relevancy. Traditional Media Social Media A central function of public relations practice now involves direct interaction with key stakeholders in an online environment. Key stakeholders for NYSARC, Inc. include current and potential members/donors, legislators, the media and the general public. Each of these stakeholder groups are highly active in the expanding world of social media. Therefore, NYSARC, Inc. should maintain a strong presence across a range of key social media platforms to effectively deliver its central messages to target audiences. With that said, any social media strategy should adhere to the 80/20 rule - 80 percent of updates should provide value for followers and 20 percent can be self-promotional. Community Engagement Nothing can replace face-to-face interaction with key stakeholders in a communications program. Target audiences want to see and will respond to an organization's physical presence at community events that matter to them. There are a number of such events at the local, state and national level that directly relate to the communications objectives of NYSARC, Inc. Communications personnel should attend these events to develop and solidify relationships with target audiences. Printed materials, a central website and online social networks should all play a role in a comprehensive communications plan supporting the organizational goals of NYSARC, Inc. The following communication tools should receive heavy focus in the execution of such a plan: Online Video Mobile Applications Official Blog Business owners often talk about the increased sales they're able to secure when potential clients visit their headquarters and survey their quality production methods. This is why so many businesses make use of online video - customers receive an intimate view of what a business offers without leaving home. This is the advantage online video can bring to NYSARC, Inc. A video series I produced for The College of Saint Rose offers a solid outline for what can be done at NYSARC, Inc. A sample is shown to the right. Users across all demographics are turning to mobile devices for their web browsing and social networking needs in increasing numbers. NYSARC, Inc. should have a solid presence in this space with an iPhone, iPad and Android optimized application. This application should act as a one stop shop for key stakeholders to access information regarding NYSARC, Inc. An official blog is a great way to build community among NYSARC, Inc. members and donors, and share information with other key stakeholder groups. Contributions by NYSARC, Inc. personnel to a community blogging initiative would offer the public additional insight into the organization and open the door to new relationships. To realize success, any comprehensive communications plan implemented by NYSARC, Inc. must adhere to a clear set of metrics that are consulted on a regular basis. It is imperative that the return on investment in terms of time and capital be examined for each communications initiative. Such examination provides a clear view of the efficacy of a communications plan as well as the individual components that make it up. Below are some key measurement tools worthy of consideration by NYSARC, Inc. These research firms provide ratings and data for a broad spectrum of media. Consulting the demographic and viewership statistics provided by each would aid NYSARC, Inc. in determining which media outlets to target with its messaging and in what order. Doing this would also provide a solid estimate of the makeup and size of the audience reached by a given media placement. Arbitron and Nielsen Media Research Klout Score The Klout Score, a number between 1 and 100, is a representation of an organization or individual's overall social media influence. The science behind the Klout Score examines more than 400 variables on multiple social networks beyond the number of followers and friends. It looks at who is engaging with content and who it is being shared with. Google Analytics This tool helps an organization or individual measure advertising return on investment as well as track user engagement with specified Flash, video and social networking sites and applications. Google Analytics would provide NYSARC, Inc. with fresh insights into how visitors use associated websites, how they arrived at said sites and how NYSARC, Inc. can keep them coming back. Value Statement I am uniquely qualified for the NYSARC, Inc. Assistant Executive Director for Communications position for the following reasons:

My time as a graduate student and graduate assistant in The College of Saint Rose Communications Department has outfitted me with extensive marketing and public relations experience.

My current position at Baker Public Relations has provided me with the unique skill set required to successfully generate positive brand awareness for NYSARC, Inc. I have significant experience working with clients to develop, distribute, and follow up on press releases, plan and oversee press events, outline and implement social media initiatives, organize and carry out strategic communications plans, and secure media appearances that have impact. My specialty at Baker Public Relations involves the production of high definition marketing videos for a diverse list of businesses, organizations and individuals.

My five years as a professional journalist have allowed me to develop an extensive network of media contacts throughout the Capital Region and greater northeast. This network, along with my experience overseeing the daily operations of a newsroom, has led to numerous media placements on behalf of the technology clients I represent at Baker Public Relations. I know how to communicate effectively with the media. This is a skill that can be put to work for NYSARC, Inc. to raise brand awareness and relevancy while communicating key messages.

My extensive media production experience saves an organization time and money. From script development, voice recording and audio editing, to video shoots, graphic design and website content management, I am able to handle all stages of most media production projects. This eliminates the need to contract out for voice or design talent, thus reducing production budgets and dramatically lessening turnaround time for the final product. I can act as the in house media production solution for NYSARC, Inc..

I am extremely excited about the NYSARC, Inc. Assistant Executive Director for Communications position and very much appreciate the opportunity to be considered for it.
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