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Time of your Life Catering

No description

case vandevelde

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Time of your Life Catering

Time of your Life Catering
by: Case V. ,Austin Y. Hyrum J. Alex M. Dillon P.
Hello, this is Time of Your Life Catering. Over these few weeks we worked hard to create a party with food (hotdogs, cookie cake, Gatorade, hot dog buns, ketchup and mustard), entertainment (footballs, soccer balls, kickball, and cones), decorations (streamers and party balloons), and consumables ( silverware, napkins,and plates). We spent $73.10 or 29.24% on food. We also spent $12.00 or 4.8% on consumables. We used $39.00 on entertainment or 15.6%. We finally spent $7.00 on decorations or2.8%. We did not spend $119.80 or 47.2%.
Our theme is sports because boys and girls both like sports. We decided to play soccer because everyone likes it. We also want to play two-hand touch football because it won't injure anybody. We also are playing kickball because its fun and most people like it. The party will be at spring creek park located at: 4100 S Himalaya Street, Aurora, CO 80013.
This is where Spring Creek Park is located.
Not Spent
see everybody likes it even dolphins
"Are you ready for the time of your life?"
(Your Happiness Level)
I'm sad because its over
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