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Debate Tournament Days

No description

Julie Roos

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Debate Tournament Days

What happens when you arrive?
-Go to the Judges' Room and check in.
-Grab some coffee from the Judges' Food Room.
-Check on your student to see if they know their code, etc.
-Come back the Judges' Room at least 30 minutes prior to Round 1.
What do these words mean?
Code: The way we identify students. They have a letter for their school and an individual number for themselves/their team.
Round: The time period in which debates will happen
Flight: PF and LD take half as long as Policy, so they're "Flighted," meaning you'll see two Debates in one Round
Flights should happen in order.
At the Beginning of a Round
Check to make sure that you have the right debaters by having them verify their codes.
If you're in PF, they'll Flip a coin to determine their side and speaker order. Have them write this on the board.
If one of the debaters isn't present, and 10 minutes has passed, alert the Judges' Room.
At the end of the Debate
Shake the hands of the debaters.
Make a decision as to the winner and the loser on the ballot BEFORE the second flight begins.
Feel free to ask them to wait outside.
Turn the first flight ballot upside down.
Check on the Second Flight Codes.
Do it Again.
Turn in the Ballot to the Judges' Room and Pick up a New One!
Debate Tournament Days
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