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Integrating Community Voice

No description

Zone 126

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Integrating Community Voice

Integrating Community Voice: How Two Communities Operationalize Grassroots
Engagement into the Cradle to Career Civic Infrastructure Community Engagement Continuum Discuss Principles of Authentic Community Engagement Share Examples of Authentic Community Engagement Hear from All of You! Where we work Who we are Who we care about! Community Engagement Continuum
Community Investment
One-way communication
Interaction is occasional
Trust is limited Examples:
Community Involvement
Two-way communication
Interaction is frequent, structured
Trust is growing/evolving
Community brings unique knowledge to partnership (cultural competency)
Community Integration
Two-way, equal input
Interaction is frequent
Trust is relational
Community owns the Mission Examples: In summary: Multiple Types Make it Happen! Objectives: Thank You! West Hill
Arbor Hill
South End Strive Network Convening
Milwaukee Wisconsin
September 28, 2012 Examples: Advisory Council Work Groups Community Retreats Zone 126 Staff 1. Community needs & assets
2. Existing services and gaps
3. Evidence and program quality
4. Existing and new solutions
5. Create an action plan 8 hours...
200 solutions...
26 approved! Audience Examples! C.O.R.E Community Grants Community Conversation Leaders Data Committee zcsd Investment One Way, Info Focused Audience Examples! Audience Examples! Characteristics: Characteristics: Decision Day: Final 26 Solutions (Community Organizing for Resident Engagement) Post-planning: what now? Needs identified Solutions FROM community Zone Builders Characteristics: Authentic Engagement is worth the investment Accountability structure at work
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