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World Hunger ISU

No description

Mahnoor Cheema

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of World Hunger ISU

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli By: Mahnoor and Sajeda World Hunger What is World Hunger? •Hunger is when food is scarce.
•Defined as mass starvation around the world.
•The want or scarcity of food in a country.
•World hunger consists of famine, dehydration, and lack of necessary nutrition and food supply in all countries. Who Does it Affect? The world hunger issue is accumulative.
In 2010 there were 925 million people in the world.
That’s 1 in 7 of the world’s population, that were hungry and the numbers increase to this day. Canada and World Hunger •In Oct.2011, Canada committed $350M for the world’s hungry for the next 5 years Ways to make a difference - Volunteer

- Donate

- Host a food drive

- Employment How does the UN handle this issue? People say that developed countries are barely helping to stop the world hunger issue. We might not be doing as much as we can, but the United Nations are working together by creating organizations that slowly help take action. You might have heard of..

Stop Hunger Now How World Hunger Began? •World hunger has always been an issue
•It used to be because of the locations people lived in.
(For example, in mountainous areas, food is scarce whereas other places like the jungle have a lot more food.)
•World hunger began to be a larger issue as the world over-populated
•Overpopulation caused poverty
•Resources were not shared equally between countries.
(i.e. America has enough food to feed thousands of people, while Africa does not have much food) What causes World Hunger? Political Economical Environmental
o In the United States, the share of the population facing hunger has risen because of poor economic conditions.

o Hunger in wealthy nations is not as severe or widespread as in developing countries o Poverty is the principle cause of world hunger

o Most people, who are hungry, do not have enough money to purchase the food they need. o Growing poverty, debt, economic decline; poor terms of trade, fast population growth, unfavorable weather, war, and government collapse have all contributed to the continent’s food problems. o War is a political cause for hunger.

o War slows or stops food production and marketing.

o Food supplies are often taken and used for soldiers during war o Crop cycles are interrupted, seeds and livestock are consumed in desperation o Children suffer lasting health damage as a result of insufficient food. o Even if fighting never occurs, heavy military spending takes away from food production, education, and health care.
o Climate change reduces chances of crops to grow, reducing the amount of resources produced o Fresh water, land, forests, and fisheries are being used so much that they are losing
their resources. o In trying to use the environmental resources, poor and hungry people, lacking economic and political power, have become even more affected by hunger. o This is true especially in countries where property ownership is not fair, and poor families are forced to move onto unstable land and to overcrowded cities. •Most third world countries are dealing with world hunger issues.

•The poorest and most food-insecure people live in Africa, while the largest numbers of continually undernourished people live in the Asia-Pacific region. Hunger is also especially severe in South Asia http://www.stopthehunger.com/ What is that money going towards?
Canada will give the United Nations World Food Program $25 million per year for the next five years for its humanitarian emergency food aid programs,
Its school meals program will get $25 million per year for the next four years
Canada is the second-largest donor to the World Food Program, which relies completely on donations of money and food to operate.
Donate $125 million to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, an organization made up of 15 church-based agencies that work in developing countries. Are we Doing Enough? Canada has worked hard and attempted to decrease world hunger.
The truth is that this issue is very widespread and with the economy constantly crashing, it is tough to resolve the issue instantly. However, the amount of money they spend on weapons or war, can be spent on aiding people who are going through war by providing food. The amount of food it take to buy one missile, can feed a school for up to five years. There is a lot more that Canada can do as a country, but there are other issues that relate and also need to be targeted in order to solve the issue entirely. UNICEF United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund - This was established in 1946, designed to give government help for children and mothers in need.
- UNICEF has a goal to provide healthy food supply, medical care, and education for mothers and children all around the world
- They want to create child protection, by preventing child abuse, exploitation, and violence
- Child hunger causes many other diseases and problems that UNICEF aims to stop. Few of UNICEF''s Achievements - In 1998- 1999 UNICEF formed global alliances to apply vaccines and immunizations against hepatitis B, diphtheria and other preventable conditions.

- "The State of World's Children, 2001", is describing how a country's state effects children. All funds go to children in poverty, war, HIV/AIDs, and hunger. UNICEF uses money to protect the rights and protection of children globally. ` WFP United Nations World Food Program - The world's largest humanitarian agency fighting world HUNGER
- Funded by voluntary donations
- They provide over 85 states in Africa, Asia, Americas, and the Middle East. WFP Achievements The WFP has achieved MANY goals through their years. Here are only a couple major ones:

- The typhoon in Philippines left their people dead and hurt. WFP responds by helping the government provide food relief for over 400,000 people.

- In Syria, as the countries issues are resulting in a cut- off of food for the civilians, WFP responds by making emergency rations and giving it to around 1.5 billion people each month. Stop Hunger Now - They have one goal: A world without hunger.
- They have one way of achieving the goal: By creating a global commitment of distributing the necessary resources, to those who need it most. Stop Hunger Now - Achievements - 533, 568 meals packed this week
- 84, 756, 125 meals packed in total
- Serving and helping 76 different countries around the world GET INVOLVED Volunteer - There are accessible volunteer opportunities online in North America
- All youth who are interested can easily fill an application for all the different events and opportunities they are holding
- Organizations like Stop Hunger Now, Kids Against Hunger, Feeding America, and many others. Online volunteer applications - www.feedingamerica.org
- www.stophungernow.org
- www.kidsagainsthunger.org
- www.actionagainsthunger.org (Feel free to write any down- if you are interested!) Donate! - Donating is one easy step we can all do to help stop world hunger

- Donating is giving money or goods to a charity for a good cause

- Donate to your local food bank, or any other relief of hunger organizations around you Host an event! - You can host a food drive, food-packing event, hunger banquet, and many other events

- All the money you collect will go to your hunger organization

- The money will go to people in need, in different countries, providing them with food and other necessities We Can work Together ... To end global hunger, and save lives!
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