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Gravity Prezi

By Alison, Hannah, Clare, Malvika and Regan

Hannah Lee

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Gravity Prezi

Why Is It Called Gravity?
How is Gravity Measured
Gravity is measured in Newtons (N). It is measured in a scale called a Newton meter, or force meter, or a strain gauge.
Who is Issac Newton
By Alison, Clare, Hannah, Malvika and Reagan
Gravity in different places
Body Multiple of Earth's Gravity
Sun 27.90
Jupiter 2.640
Neptune 1.148
Uranus 0.917
Venus 0.9032
Mars 0.3895
Mercury 0.3770
What is Gravity??
Gravity is a force that drags everything into anything with mass. Some planets have a lot of gravity (Mars) and some planets have a lot less gravity (Mercury).

The Best Idea ever
Who was the founder of gravity?
Issac Newton
was a English physicist, mathematician and one of the worlds most influential scientists.
The word comes from the Latin word,
Gravis is an adjective in Latin that means

How does Gravity help our lives?

- Gravity stops us from floating into space.
- Gravity keeps our food on our plates and our drinks in our glasses.
- Gravity keeps the Earth in orbit around the sun and keeps us warm.
- Gravity also keeps the water on the Earth, its inhabitants, and the atmosphere in its place.
- Gravity pulls rain and snow down to our rivers.
- Gravity permits us to move easily on earth.

Steven Hawking Weightless
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