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Y1 artistic quality

No description

rob van der ven

on 8 June 2016

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Transcript of Y1 artistic quality

Andy Warhol,
Elisabeth II
Lucian Freud,
Elisabeth II
Koningin Beatrix
Carla Rodenburg, Koningin Beatrix
Jeroen Henneman,
Koningin Beatrix
What does an artist do ??

How does he/she decide what to make ??
- The assignment
- a search, a research, a quest

- a mood board
- sketches
- a variety of different plans

- a final choice
- a worked out idea

- a final work

a picture of the queen
what does she look like
which colours
which shapes
what size
which techniques
what does the picture need to show
- gather the needed information
- try some things out
- see if the experiments match
the ideas
- proceed with experiments
- decide on the final execution
- make the final piece
This final piece is the best by this artist at this moment.
A different artist or a different time will most probably give a different art work.
Joseph Kosuth wants to know what is real.
There are different ways of looking at anything.
Here you see his approach to a chair,
and a woodsaw.
In his dealings with a clock he goes even further.

He deals with the concept, the ideas behind reality,.......
Mother and child is a reoccurring idea in the arts.
It starts of course with Maria and baby Jezus.
Or was it already there before that time ??
Francisco Zurbaran
Egon Schiele
F Vincent
Rogier v d Weyden
P. Picasso
R. Mueck
Can an artist that works really real, make a mother and child piece ?
Or an Angel ?
Of course they can.
An artist can do anything,
as long as he can get the message across to his audience
And What that message is,...
is also up to the artist !!
A. Gormley Angel of the north
A. Warhol, Campbells Soup
m. Duchamp, fietswiel
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